Inventory + Bookkeeping for your Etsy store.

Unlike Quickbooks, Craftybase is designed completely for handmade Etsy sellers. Track material and product stock, calculate COGS for Schedule C, log expenses, and keep your pricing on track.

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Materials & Component Tracking

Product & Order Management

Customer & Vendor Lists

Manufacture Batch Logging

Pricing & Profit Guidance

Indepth Reports for Bookkeeping

Everything in one place

Keep your stock levels and financial data all in the one place and accessible from any internet enabled device (our industry standard backups ensure your data is extremely safe).

Daily Imports from Etsy

Stop manually copying over numbers from Etsy screens to spreadsheets - there is a now an easier and better way! We automatically import of all your Etsy listings, orders and fees each night ready for the start of your day.

Pricing Guidance

Know exactly how much it costs to produce your Etsy products - our pricing guidance feature means you'll always be on top of your margins and profits.

Cost of Goods Sold

Track your cost of goods sold in real time using the data you enter. We'll even generate the numbers you need for your Schedule C at the touch of a button.

Reports & Charts

Keep your finger on the pulse and know how well your Etsy store is doing, with our extensive and detailed reports. Charts and graphs show you your vital stats in an easy to understand way.

Low Stock Alerts

Track your exact material and product stock levels, so you know exactly when you need to order more supplies or make more product. Don't run out of stock ever again and keep those sales rolling in!

Megan studio

After weeks of searching for an inventory tool to manage raw materials AND build products, I finally found Craftybase. HALLELUJAH!

Megan Henry

A common thread

For years I've been looking for an online 'cloud' solution to track my finished products, as well as my materials. Then I heard about Craftybase. I've had an account now for a few months and it has been pretty amazing.

A Common Thread


Since finding I have actually found myself moving from feeling like a hobbyist to owning a business of my own. Thank you Craftybase for helping make my dreams of owning my own business so much easier.

Crysta Icore
Morning Tempest Studios

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Why Quickbooks Self Employed may not be the best option for your Etsy handmade business...

Quickbooks Self Employed can be a handy piece of software for small businesses, but it's just not designed with the unique needs of Etsy sellers in mind. Crafters are manufacturers, and manufacturers need a completely different set of features for their bookkeeping needs - income and expense tracking unfortunately just isn't enough.

Craftybase has been working with thousands of Etsy sellers just like you over the last 5 years creating and refining the perfect set of features that handmade sellers need in a bookkeeping system. For one thing, we focus on inventory tracking: this is one of the most important things a small manufacturing business needs to be on top of and is often the most neglected and poorly managed. Whilst simple cashflow systems like Quickbooks Self Employed can be helpful to see your incomings and outgoings, it's not so useful at tax time for a handmade business. Your Annual Schedule C filing needs detailed inventory valuation information in order to complete it accurately to satisfy IRS requirements so unless you upgrade to the more expensive and complicated Premier accounting package then you'll need to find another way of tracking your manufacturing and inventory costs on top of paying for Quickbooks Self Employed.

Craftybase contains all of the features you need in one tidy, cost effective package. Like Etsy QB Self-employed, we automatically import all your fees and sales and categorise them for you to make it super easy come tax time.