Increase your sales! Here's 7 Craft Trends for 2022

Want to sell more this year? Try to optimize your products to hit on at least one of these 7 top trends for handmade crafts for 2022.

If you think the top trends only matter to consumers, think again! Following the hottest trends in your niche will help your craft business immensely.

Knowing what craft products are trending will help you tailor your products to what the market wants, whether that’s revising (or simply repackaging) a current product, or making a new product to serve customers who want to get in on that trend.

Staying up-to-date on the latest trends will also help you when it comes to SEO, as you’ll be able to incorporate any relevant trending keywords into your product listings so you can take advantage of all that traffic and make sure your product gets found by those who want to buy.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? With all that said, let’s dive into some of the top trending craft products for 2022 so you can be in the know.

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Statement Lighting

If there’s one thing every statement room on Architectural Digest or Home & Garden has it’s a statement light. Lighting definitely doesn’t have to be purely functional, and craft sellers are making it possible for people to invest in smaller statement lights that fit more easily in the average home and don’t come with the massive price tags of those featured in the aforementioned publications.

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Statement Lighting

Natural Organic Clay Pendant Lights Naaya BAYA, Single/Set of 4 by NaayaStudio

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Statement Lighting

Antique Gold Perching Cockatoo Wall Lamp by BrownAndGingerUK

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Statement Lighting

Teal Lemur Silhouette Lampshade with Egg Yolk Yellow Cotton by lovefrankiedotcom


The good news for the Earth is there is a big trend toward buying craft items made out of recycled materials! From art to practical storage solutions, people are searching for eco-friendly products for their homes.

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Recycled Trend

Recycled Newspaper Coaster Set Of Six by ByAmberAndRose

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Recycled Trend

Herb Grinder made of recycled skateboard by BoardThing

Mindful Menstruation

Staying on the eco-friendly train here (we could be on it for a while), many people are looking for eco-friendly ways to deal with Aunt Flo. From homemade cloth pads to period underwear, there are plenty of options for those looking to move away from single-use products.

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Mindful Menstruation

Reusable Menstrual Pads by FotiniaDesign

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Mindful Menstruation

Overnight Pads - Reusable by MoonCollectiveAU

Colorful Weddings

Wedding trends are moving away from all-white and eucalyptus themes and more couples are embracing color - whether that be in a soft bohemian way with colorful botanical touches or a bright Moroccan theme.

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Colorful weddings

Wedding favors bridal gift bowl by CeramicShopKalpkalbe

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Colorful weddings

Rainbow veil-Ombre veil by EclecticBrides

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Colorful weddings

Sample Wedding Save the Date - The Bright Collection by HattonCo

Scandi Style

Plenty of people are still buying Scandinavian-style furniture and decor for their homes and the good news is not everyone wants to head to IKEA for a touch of Sweden’s fresh minimalist style.

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Scandi Style

Scandinavian Wooden Bedside Table with Drawers

Pom Poms

Pom poms appeal to the child in us and are set to be a big craft trend in 2022. From jewelry to clothing and home decor, you can expect to see it all with pom poms!

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Pom Pom

Pastel rainbow felt ball garland by AdelineandAuguste

Trifecta-of-Good Skincare

Vegan, eco-friendly, and organic craft skincare and makeup products - all 3 things that indicate they’re good for you and good for the environment. If you create products that leave no trace (including the packaging), make sure people hear about them!

Handmade Etsy trends for 2022: Pom Pom

100% Natural Organic Deodorant Vegan Options Biodegradable Plastic Free by StrictlySustainable

Handmade product trends 2022

So, can you take advantage of any of these trends in your business? If you’ve got a product or two already that fits into these categories, make a note in your planner to review their product descriptions and listings to ensure they’re hitting the right trend keywords. Read more about how to optimize your Etsy listings here »

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