product updates

Changes to auto-generated codes

We've made some changes to the way that codes are generated in Craftybase.

This week we have made a change to the way that automatically generated codes are created in Craftybase.

As part of our work in improving our response times and processing power over the last couple of months, we have noticed that in some cases manufacture and order codes are being duplicated which is obviously not ideal. This is because we process tasks in a queuing system: when the item is added to the system the code it has generated may have already been used by another that has been processed earlier in the queue. This rarely occurred in the past, however as we have recently increased the number of simultaneous queues we are running which has increased the likelihood of this occurring.

To ensure that we are generating completely unique codes going forward, we have now switched over to a 6 digit alphanumeric system that is a randomised combination of letters and numbers (it looks something like this: JW6ZAL). This is randomly generated for each manufacture, order, expense, stocktake, location and transfer. You can from here modify this code if you wish to use your own coding system.

We appreciate that this is a change that will have some impact on your workflows and we appreciate that it may cause some frustration. We will be investigating how we can re-introduce sequential numbering as a secondary option that can be configured for each account - we’ll keep you posted on how we progress with this work.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on this change, please as usual get in touch with us via support - we’d love to hear from you.