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Etsy news: Targeted offers now free indefinitely

Etsy has announced changes to their targeted offers feature.

Etsy has announced that following on from their recent free targeted coupon offer, they will be permanently offering this feature for free!

Targeted offers were previously charged at $0.10 and were designed as a way to send a coupon directly to people who had added your item to their cart (abandoned cart shoppers) or had favorited something in your shop in the recent past (recently favorited shoppers).

A custom discount can be sent to either of these groups to encourage them to complete a sale. You can either set a percentage discount, a fixed price discount or a free shipping offer.

Etsy targeted offers now free

Another change also announced by Etsy is that targetted offers are now no longer limited by send volume. From December 21, you will be able to send as many targeted offers as you like.