Promoting your handmade products for Mother's Day 2018!

In 2018, Mother’s Day is the 13th May in the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany. In France, it's the 27th May.

In 2018, Mother’s Day is the 13th May in the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany. In France, it’s the 27th May.

Get your handmade products ready for Mother's Day 2018! Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

If you make products suitable for this occasion, now that it is almost the end of March it’s now time to get your listings ready and your wording and SEO tweaked to create maximum exposure for your Mother’s Day items.

According to Etsy, people begin searching for Mother’s Day gifts around the second week of April, with the peak of interest in these items occurring in the first week of May. You’ll thus want to have your listings published by the start of April to ensure that you’re going to be appearing in searches.

Top Tips for making your handmade products perfect for Mother’s Day:

  • Offer beautiful, eye-catching gift wrap as a purchase option and ensure that one of your product pictures shows this is available.

  • Appeal to the specific interests of Moms to attract better placement in searches: pets, plants & gardening, cooking, knitting are some examples. Also consider some less stereotypical hobbies like stargazing, cars and gadgets.
  • Offer personalization if it makes sense for your handmade products: names of children and birthdays are potential good options here, as are portraits / silhouettes of family members.
  • Pair your products with the handmade design handmade trends of 2018 for maximum trend impact: for example incorporating Ultra Violet (the color of the year) and copper.
  • Don’t forget to cater for less traditional family arrangments (grandmothers, carers, two moms/dads and sole parent dads)

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