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New! Multi-level Components are here!

Want to add more than one level to your manufacturing components? You are in luck with our latest update.

We have just released one of our most requested features: the ability to add components to other component manufactures (otherwise known as “Multi-level Components”).

This feature now allows a much greater flexibility in creating manufacturing workflows that fit with the way you work.

For example, you might create yarn from fiber by spinning. This yarn is then dyed and from this final material you create garments. To summarise, the workflow would be this:

  1. Fiber is made into Yarn (sub-assembly)
  2. Yarn is made into Dyed Yarn (sub-assembly)
  3. Dyed Yarn is made into Garment (production)

This situation would have previously been difficult to track in Craftybase as there were two sub-assembly stages and one production stage. With multi-level components, it is now possible to structure the levels of manufacturing required for all processes.

How to track multi-level components in Craftybase

To do this, the Fiber would be created as material and added to the recipe for the Yarn component. When the Yarn component is manufactured, this will produce your Yarn material and decrease your Fiber stock.

The dying process would be represented as another component (or many components, depending on how many colors you produce). This Dyed Yarn component would contain a recipe that includes the Yarn material and would produce Dyed Yarn as a material output.

Finally, the Dyed Yarn component material can then be added to your Garment product, along with any other materials required to create the finished sellable product.

There isn’t any limitations on how many levels you can create using multi-level components: the only rule is that you cannot include any component materials that have been produced as part of an later process.

Multi-level components are now available for STUDIO plans and above.