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Product Update: November 2018

November update from Craftybase HQ.

As we head rapidly into the silly season, we have a couple of small but significant improvements to share with you as part of our November update.

Expense Importing

Excel expense importing An exciting new addition (for PRO plans and above) allows you to bulk import basic details for expenses, like date, vendor, notes and totals from CSV: this is ideal if you wish to quickly create expenses from sources like bank transaction feeds. More details about this feature can be found here: How do I add expenses in bulk?


New Notifications system We’ve just released stage 1 of our notifications system - this area is designed to let you know when scheduled actions you take are completed. You’ll now start seeing notifications whenever you merge products , have errors with a daily sales channel import or import or export your data.

Scheduled CSV exporting

Screen-Shot-2018-12-04-at-12.55.54-pm We’ve also made some changes to the way that our CSV exports are generated so that they are performed as a scheduled task. This means that you are no longer limited by import size, and you don’t need to wait on the page while it generates: we’ll send you a notification as soon as it is ready to download.


Screen-Shot-2018-12-04-at-12.57.23-pmWe have also reintroduced auditing on products, materials, orders and expenses. This logs any changes to your records made since they were created. You can find links to view your audit records in the footer of your detail pages.

Have any questions about our new features?

Feel free to hit ‘reply’ if you have any queries or feedback and we’ll be happy to have a chat!