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October Release Notes

Changes in Craftybase land for October.

We have a couple of great enhancements to announce for October’s product update, including our much awaited multi-level components feature. We have also been working on a number of smaller performance initiatives with our servers, importers and interface forms. You may also have noticed this month we have released some improvements to our help resources, including a revamp of our setup pages to help new Craftybasers get up to speed.

Multi Level Components

It’s now possible to create multiple component levels: this essentially means that you can use components in other component recipes and makes Craftybase a even more powerful and flexible system for managing manufacturing workflows.

This was a hugely popular request so we are really excited to be announcing this one! More details about multi-level components can be found in our blog post:

Multi-level Components are Here!

New Product Category Report

In addition to our popular Order Category report, we’ve also now added a new report that shows a breakdown of your order activity by the product category. You’ll find the Product Category Report over in the Reports section under the Orders header.

More details about this new report can be found here: What is the Orders Category Report?

Account Start Dates

You can now set the date that you started your inventory tracking from: any stock adjustments before this date will be flagged for review so you can either amend or remove them. Details on how to set your start date can be found here: How do I set my account start date?

Upgraded Support Options

Our upgraded support beacon now appears at the bottom right of all internal pages so you can access help and support from any page.

You can use this beacon to quickly search our help article area, see suggested articles based on the current page or contact us directly via the Get in touch option.

Have any questions about our new features?

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to have a chat!