Using AI copywriting tools to improve your Etsy product listings

We show you how to utilise AI tools to create product listing descriptions and titles for your handmade business that convert into sales.

As an owner of a handmade business, you probably have many things to do, and creating unique and eye-catching copies for your products may not be the first priority on your list. As takes time to learn how to create captivating content for your audience to relate to, not many have the means to do so.

So, why not get Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help with this instead?

Over the years, AI has changed the way we work, on both a personal and business level. AI has become a popular trend, especially in the digital marketing industry, with AI tools helping businesses create unique and original content automatically.

Not just that, these tools are also able to edit and optimise written text, including email, articles and product listings.

If you are looking into using AI copywriting tools to help with your product listings for your handmade business, look no further. Here are some ways these tools can help!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It can be helpful to know what exactly artificial intelligence is before getting started. At its core, AI is a technology designed to mimic human thought processes.

This is done through a machine-learning engine, created to learn through repetition from a large dataset of examples. As AI is constantly learning, it improves over time, programming itself to think and act like humans.

AI is useful in the digital marketing industry for various reasons, such as creating video descriptions, email copies and even product listings.

Ultimately, AI helps by enhancing the speed and effectiveness of human efforts.

What Does AI Copywriting Tools Do?

As mentioned, AI can help create captivating copies in a fraction of the time. While they are still not able to replace copywriters, they are still able to create unique and relevant content.

On top of this, AI copywriting tools can also help your business increase revenue, optimise SEO content, and improve copy quality.

With AI, you will be able to focus more of your time on making your handmade products, rather than thinking of descriptions for them.

Increase revenue

As AI creates quality content for your business, it can result in a ripple effect, pushing more potential customers to your site. This can help you build brand authority, converting these potential customers into buyers.

Optimise Your Content

With this AI tool, you will be able to optimise your content through the use of targeted keywords. AI copywriting tools will recognise any relevant keywords in your niche, using them in their content to improve your rankings.

Improve Copy Quality

AI copywriting tools will be able to highlight mistakes such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary quickly and efficiently, as compared to humans. It is important to get these technicalities right — no one will be convinced with your product if your listings are filled with mistakes!

Use AI Copywriting Tools to Create SEO Friendly Product Titles and Listings

If you, as a business owner, struggle to come up with captivating copy and product listings, consider using AI copywriting tools to help save you time. All you will need to do is to provide the AI with basic instructions and information about your handmade product for them to generate multiple ideas.

Not only can these tools create engaging content, they will also optimise them for SEO, allowing search engines to identify them easily, thus ranking them higher in results.

Rather than spending an unnecessarily long time thinking of unique and engaging product listings and descriptions, get an AI tool to help you keep up with these tasks instead.

With the help of an AI copywriting tool, you will get engaging social media posts, email copies, meta titles and even blog posts done in a matter of seconds.

AI tools


An AI powered copy-editing tool, Writer helps generate content targeted to a specific audience. Writer focuses on creating comprehensive writing, allowing readers to understand clearly.

Not only can this tool edit various documents, it can also be integrated on various platforms such as Gmail, WordPress and Slack.


As one of the newest AI-based content writing tool, Jarvis provides users with templates for various purposes, such as product listings, press releases and product descriptions.

Jarvis also allows you to enter a set of keywords that will help them generate texts to your desired style. Offering multiple advanced features such as sentence editing and topic discovery, this AI tool can help you create well-written and captivating product listing and copy for your business.

If you are catering to an international audience, this tool can help you generate copies in multiple languages. Jarvis is able to help translate your copes to 26 different languages. This will be helpful if you hope to expand your handmade business globally — allowing people of all languages to understand your products better.

Snazzy AI

If you are looking to generate multiple copies quickly, Snazzy AI is able to do so in minutes. All you need to do is to select a copy template and enter a few sentences. From there, this tool’s software will use these sentences to generate relevant copies.

Snazzy AI can be helpful in creating product listings and descriptions for any eCommerce business. This tool can also help generate various headlines for your products and even create new product ideas.

Final Thoughts

Overall, AI copywriting tools can be useful in helping your handmade business create effective copies, product listings and descriptions in a matter of minutes. While these tools are still not able to replicate the works of actual copywriters, they are still able to provide you with quality results in half the time.

With these tools you will be able to spend less time writing these copies and more time on other parts of your handmade business.