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Free Craft Show Inventory Template

Download our free craft show template and get organised for your next handmade market!

One of the most important things to remember when selling your handmade products at a craft fair is to record each and every sale that you make. It can be challenging to do this accurately around the chaos of customers and market noise, so a good way of doing this is to print out a inventory template before you go and tape it to your stall table right next to where you take payment.

Before you attend the craft fair, make a full inventory list of each product you are taking with you. It’s a good idea to list multiples as seperate lines as this way you can just tick / cross of the line for each sale rather than update a quantity number. Alternatively, you can write in each sale as it occurs, however this approach is often a little more time consuming.

Once you return home, do a quick inventory stocktake to see if any loss has occurred and then update your actual inventory spreadsheet (or better yet, your handmade inventory management software like Craftybase).

You can download our FREE Craft Show Inventory Template here.

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