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Craftybase Inventory + Bookkeeping

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Say hello 👋 to real-time, automated stock tracking for your Etsy store.

Inventory spreadsheets can be a great starting point for small-scale handmade crafters starting out on Etsy, however it's unfortunately not a solution that will help you grow and take your business to the next level. Spreadsheets can quickly get out of control and difficult to maintain - as you start to gain sales and expand your manufacturing, you'll eventually need to upgrade to something more robust which will mean lots of work backdating data and learning new systems: all at a time when your business needs you fully on board.

Craftybase has been working with thousands of Etsy sellers just like you over the last decade creating and refining the perfect set of features that handmade sellers need in fully automated etsy inventory management software. For one thing, we focus hugely on raw material inventory tracking: this is one of the most important things a small manufacturing business needs to be on top of and is often the most neglected and poorly managed.

Whilst simple excel spreadsheets can be helpful to see your incomings and outgoings and guestimate your stock values based on rough averages, it's not so useful at tax time for a handmade business when you need accuracy.

Craftybase contains all of the features you need in one tidy, cost effective package and features instant daily importing from several popular sales channels, including Etsy. Start getting your handmade business organized today using our amazing etsy inventory management software!

Craftybase Inventory + Bookkeeping dashboard showing inventory management capabilities

Imagine having accurate, up-to-date inventory & materials everywhere you sell

Craftybase integrates seamlessly with all of your storefronts, so all the numbers you need can be found in a single spot.


Pricing Guidance

Craftybase uses your exact cost of materials and labor to generate pricing suggestions for every product you make. Use our inventory software to be more confident with your pricing and ensure that you are making the profit margins you need to take your business to the next level.

Craftybase helped us make sure we were accounting for everything in our prices, and helped us quickly test what would happen if we changed suppliers to upgrade some of our materials.

Jeff Amrhein
Jeff Amrhein
Founder, Hand and Hide

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Our inventory calculations are GAAP compliant, using IRS approved methods and are suitable for US based small manufacturers. Each order is automatically assigned a material usage cost based on your complete inventory history: rather than wrangling excel spreadsheets and stressing over EOY counts, you'll be building up your COGS tally during the year as you make and sell.

Having a business that manufactures products with countless raw materials, Craftybase keeps us organized and helps us have a clear picture of the health of our business.

Bri Ussery
Bri Ussery
Founder, The Good Hippie
Cost of Goods Sold for Craftspeople

Compliance & Traceability

There is no need to track your compliance requirements separately to your inventory management needs: Craftybase provides you with full traceability of all products and materials. Log purchases with lot numbers and associate with your manufacture records to create a purchase-to-sale, GMP and CPSC traceability solution for your handmade manufacturing business. Generate a full report in seconds that shows exactly which orders contain a particular lot batch of material - perfect to handle material faults and product recalls!

Product & Order Management

Our powerful Etsy inventory management capabilities can handle any stock change including cancellations, damage and stock loss situations. Automatically import your orders and products from Etsy (+ other channels), and see detailed profit breakdowns for orders that include your material costs and incurred expenses.

Craftybase has helped track my customer orders, how much they cost and how much they cost me to make them, keeping me on top of my orders which is so important to my little business.

Lorraine Purcell
Lorraine's Cakery
Product and order tracking

Expense Tracking

Direct and indirect expenses can be tracked in Craftybase, using as many custom categories as you like. Purchases are associated with your materials, so that accurate up-to-the-minute unit pricing and inventory asset value is automatically calculated based on landed actual costs. Expenses can be associated with products or with orders, allowing you to see your exact profit margins for everything you sell.

Being able to categorize expenses and see where each project is costing me has helped me to understand my business and pinpoint areas of high value or expense.

Kitty Waters
Founder, Oh Crumbs Bakery

Automated Etsy inventory management

Our Etsy inventory management features allow you to keep sortable, searchable lists of all your material inventory with photos - available online, whereever you are. Maintain full purchase histories and have Craftybase auto calculate your rolling average unit prices. Create recipes for commonly used combinations of materials, with associated recommended pricing guidance and detailed profit margin calculations. Track the hidden costs of making sub-assemblies using components.

Being able to easily add and subtract materials from my master inventory based on daily sales is invaluable in keeping organized & proactive. Managing inventory was a painful, manual, and inaccurate process before I discovered Craftybase.

Kara's Vineyard Wedding
Material inventory tracking

Powerful reporting, for your Etsy store

Generate traditional, bookkeeper-friendly reports to provide you with the detail you need to be on top of your Etsy business: Profit and Loss, Expenditure & Revenue, Inventory Valuation, Schedule C (COGS). Our popular product and high revenue customer reports gives you the visibility you need to make better decisions for your store. Instant profitability guidance feature allows you to see a full breakdown on any of your products or orders.

Craftybase, overall, has helped me streamline my inventory expenses, keep consistent unit costs and allowed me to see through the Reports section, my business grow each year.

Shelby Crandell
Founder, The Soap Brewhouse

How Craftybase helps Etsy sellers

Everything in one place

Your Etsy sales, stock and financial data are all in the one place and accessible from any internet enabled device (our industry standard backups ensure your data is extremely safe).

Daily Imports from Etsy

Stop manually copying over numbers from Etsy screens to spreadsheets - there is a now an easier and better way! We automatically import of all your Etsy products and orders each night ready for the start of your day.

Pricing Guidance

Know exactly how much it costs to produce your Etsy products - our pricing guidance feature means you'll always be on top of your margins and profits.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Track your cost of goods sold in real time using the data you enter. We'll even generate the numbers you need for your Schedule C at the touch of a button.

Reports & Charts

Keep your finger on the pulse and know how well your Etsy store is doing, with our extensive and detailed inventory reports. Charts and graphs show you your vital stats in an easy to understand way.

Low Stock Alerts

Track your exact material and product stock levels, so you know exactly when you need to order more supplies or make more product to list on Etsy. Using our inventory management software, you'll never run out of stock ever again!

Craftybase helped us make sure we were accounting for everything in our prices, and helped us quickly test what would happen if we changed suppliers to upgrade some of our materials.

Jeff Amrhein
Jeff Amrhein
Founder, Hand and Hide

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is Craftybase?
Craftybase is powerful Etsy inventory management software designed specifically with the needs of small manufacturers in mind. We are unique in that we track both your material and product stock levels, allowing you to keep real time tabs on your inventory levels - you'll never run low on supplies or product again. Using our powerful inventory and COGS calculations, allowing you to instantly generate accountant ready reports for tax time with confidence. With daily automatic importing from your Etsy store, your battles with spreadsheets have finally come to an end! Read on below to see how we can help you take your Etsy Handmade business to the next level.
Does Etsy have an inventory system?
Etsy does have several inventory management features that allow sellers to manage their stock quantities and statuses. However, things get tricky when you sell on more than one platform (which is pretty much everyone these days!). Etsy doesn't know how many products you have sold on Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix or Square and thus how many you actually have on your shelf. This is where inventory management software like Craftybase comes in: we import your stock activity from each channel into a central place and calculate your real-time inventory levels. Never oversell or restock unnecessarily again!
How do I keep track of my inventory on Etsy?
Etsy gives you a breakdown of your orders and listings, so you can see your best sellers at a glance. You can see most of these stats and figures in your Etsy Shop Manager area. What Etsy can't track is your manufacturing and raw materials - for this, you'll need a spreadsheet or a specialist inventory management system like Craftybase. Find more tips on how to manage your inventory on Etsy in our blog. post.
How do I manage inventory between Etsy and Shopify?
To see the "big picture" of your listings and orders between Etsy and Shopify, you'll need to bring the data together in a central place. You can use a spreadsheet for this purpose, or specialised inventory management software like Craftybase. Craftybase will merge together your products across both Etsy and Shopify, giving you a complete view of your orders and manufacturing history for each product you make.

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