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Craftybase powers the inventory management and pricing for thousands of maker businesses.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve built Craftybase entirely from the feedback of thousands of different makers just like you. For all stages in your small business journey, we have the features you need to get your inventory organized and in control.

Read our reviews and customer stories to see exactly how our amazing inventory and manufacturing workflow features will take your business to the next level.

Read reviews of happy Craftybase customers

Customer Stories

Get inspired and learn how other makers get value from Craftybase.

Robin - Messy Play Kits

Robin - Messy Play Kits

Robin shares how Craftybase has transformed her sensory play business, allowing her to better plan and predict her stock needs.

Tiana - Winding Wick Candles

Tiana - Winding Wick Candles

Tiana talks us through how she uses Craftybase to organize her inventory and thus be better prepared for making her candle orders.

Craftybase Reviews

Read what some of our happy customers have to say about Craftybase:

I no longer have to do manual inventory - what else is there to say?! I love the manufactures and managing supplies... especially with two online channels and selling at shows.

Tracking all my inventory, projects, invoices, contacts in one place and being able to run reports to see how my business is doing has helped me run my business a little easier.

I had no idea how to price my soap. I didn't take my time in to consideration until I started using Craftybase. I now know how to price my soap to make money with both wholesale and retail costs.

Craftybase is our 'command central' where all our orders from all those channels get collated. Without it, we would have no way to track all of our sales efficiently!

Victoria Victoria


Having real time inventory, pricing guidance, and expense tracking makes the paperwork of owning a business simpler. Keeping all of the information in one place makes it ideal.

Heather Heather

We do not know what we would do without this application. Spreadsheets and confusing documents is a thing of the past now!

Kahne Kahne


Craftybase has made COGS so much easier. The massive reports section has enabled me to focus more on the popular products to increase sales.

Vanessa Vanessa

Craftybase has been a wonderful tool in running my business. I love that I can look at reports and know exactly what I have in inventory and also see what my total sales are.

Alicia Alicia

On a daily basis, I really appreciate the Pricing Guidance feature. I used to dread this step and now I really look forward to entering recipes and generating instantaneous prices for my items!

As a very small and nascent business, it's incredibly important that I have a strong tool like Craftybase to help me make smart decisions about pricing.

Laura Laura

Craftybase, overall, has helped me streamline my inventory expenses, keep consistent unit costs and allowed me to see through the Reports section, my business grow each year.

Shelby Shelby

Craftybase is an instrumental part of our bookkeeping. Having a business that manufactures products with countless raw materials, Craftybase keeps us organized and helps us have a clear picture of the health of our business.

Bri Bri

Craftybase has been irreplaceable in it's ability to accurately calculate the cost to make each of our products. This allows us to make organic handmade skincare for our customers at a fair price.

Elaina Elaina


Craftybase helps me keep my sales automatically entered into my system so that I can get on with doing the fun part: the creative products I make!

Kitty Kitty

Without Craftybase I would not be able to run my business properly. It tracks all my ingredients to the gramme so I can confidently price my products knowing that everything is correct and I can trace all my products to each supplier.

Lorraine Lorraine

It makes tracking my expenses, orders, and COGS so easy! Also saved me hours of work at tax time, eliminating the need to do countless manual calculations.

Emma Emma

Being able to create "recipes" for each of our products has made managing our material inventory a breeze! It's a dream come true to always be on top of our inventory levels!

Kara Kara


We no longer need to manually look on the shelf to see what we need to order and can simply look at the numbers in Craftybase and have confidence that they are accurate.

Andy & Jennifer Andy & Jennifer

Andy & Jennifer

This app allowed me to create and implement a work flow that is imperative to the daily operation of my business.

Stephanie Stephanie

What I love to do is make distinctive, wearable jewelry - Craftybase helps ensure that I can make a profit while doing it.

Ruthie Ruthie

Not just the organization, but to be able to see charts and graphs of my sales and expenses; the ability to have it all sorted out for taxes too!

Jamison Jamison

Craftybase has helped save me so much time on things I used to try to keep track of manually in notebooks. It's a perfect app for any handmade small business.

Leslie Leslie

We no longer have to wonder how much of something we have in stock. It's much easier for me to sell my product when I know how much is on the shelf!

Caitlin Caitlin


Being able to connect to Etsy makes the whole process so easy. And because it is a subscription, I don't have to worry about internal software being outdated or crashing.

Kelly Kelly

I love that the app keeps track of how much material I have on hand and how much it costs me exactly… This allows me to really know how much my products cost me to make and how much I should charge.

Janna Janna

I love that Craftybase keeps track of the cost of materials over time including shipping. As costs creep up I can make sure my product prices reflect that reality.

Arrowyn Arrowyn

Knowing exactly what my products cost to produce allows me to price them appropriately to ensure an accurate profit margin.

Thanks to Craftybase I can run my entire business off one program and can always stay on top of my ingredient inventory, sales and stock levels. I don't know where I would be without it!

Pauline Pauline

I went into business because I had great ideas for products, not because I was good at keeping track of numbers. Craftybase lets my brain do it's creative work by taking care of the nitty-gritty.

Amy Amy

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Read reviews of happy Craftybase customers

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