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Etsy Pricing Calculator 2024

How much you should be charging for your Etsy products to make the profit margin you need?


Suggested Price

$ 15.00

- Total Etsy Fees

$ 1.90

- Materials & Labor

$ 1.90

Your Profit & Margin

$ 3.00 (20.00%)

Start making the profits you deserve.

Craftybase automagically calculates your ideal pricing and margins for each product in your Etsy store from your material and labor costs.

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Etsy Pricing Calculator FAQs

Want to learn how to price your craft products?

Pricing strategy is often one of the hardest parts of running a craft business - once you have made your product, how do you know what to charge for it? Our eBook introduces online craft sellers to the theories around pricing, in an easy to understand way: giving you the knowledge and confidence to begin planning your strategy.

Pricing strategies for handmade sellers including Etsy eBook cover

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