Expense Tracking

Keep complete track of your material and overhead expenses using Craftybase.

Expense tracking for handmade sellers etsy

See exactly how your business expenses affect your bottom line

All expenses can be tracked in Craftybase - use our predefined tax categories or create your own, it's up to you.

Your material inventory calculations for COGS are automatically calculated from your expense history, using your exact landed costs.

Expenses can also be optionally associated with your products and orders, allowing you to track your exact profit margins for everything you sell.

Track your Vendors

Create expenses and link them directly to your vendor records, so you have complete purchase history all in the one place.

In Transit / Received Stock

Your inventory only increases when you mark an expense as received, so your stock on hand is always accurate.

Automatic inclusion in COGS

Link expenses directly to your materials to instantly increase your stock on hand and see a complete purchase history for your material.

Craftybase has helped track my customer orders, how much they cost and how much they cost me to make them, keeping me on top of my orders which is so important to my little business.

Lorraine Purcell
Lorraine's Cakery

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