Expense tracking

Keep complete track of your material and overhead expenses using Craftybase.

Our powerful expense features allow you to calculate and claim your material usage as COGS - which for a handmade business this leads to predictable tax obligations (and a happy tax man).

Create as many custom categories as you like to create the perfect expense structure for your business.

Our system is unique in that purchases are associated with your material inventory, so that accurate up-to-the-minute unit pricing and COGS can be calculated for you automatically.

Expenses can be also be optionally associated with products or with orders, allowing you to see your true profit margins for everything you make and sell.

Pricing guidance

Track your Vendors

Create expenses and link them directly to your vendor records, so you have complete purchase history all in the one place.

In Transit / Received Stock

Your inventory only increases when you mark an expense as received, so your stock on hand is always accurate.

Material Expenses for COGS

Link expenses directly to your materials to instantly increase your stock on hand and see a complete purchase history for your material.

Fully landed costs

Tax, shipping and discounts are all applied proportionally to your material costs, so you always have a true picture of your actual material unit price.

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Pricing Guidance

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Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Instantly calculate your COGS and inventory

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Compliance & Traceability

Full traceability of all products and materials

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Order Management

Be on top of your product stock levels and orders

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Expense Tracking

Keep track of your material and overhead expenses

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Materials & Components

Take control of your inventory

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Visibility on your production processes

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Know what stock is where

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Free yourself from huge yearly counts

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