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This page gives you details about how we use cookies on the Craftybase website and in the Craftybase application. If you have any questions about this policy, just get in touch – you can e-mail us at

By visiting, logging into, registering or using Craftybase (or "app") or the Craftybase website, you agree that it’s okay for us to collect, use and transfer your personal data under the terms of this policy. If you’re not cool with this or don’t want to be bound by this policy, you can disable the cookies – see the "managing cookies" section below for details.

About cookies

If you’re like us, you’ve probably not given too much thought to any cookie that doesn’t involve chocolate, so here are the essential facts: digital cookies are small files made up of bits of data, stored in your phone or computer’s temporary memory when you navigate around the web. Unless you have indicated your objection, our system will issue cookies to your computer when you access, register on and log on to the Craftybase website or use Craftybase. Cookies make it easier for you to log on to and use these sites during visits.

Mainly, we use cookies to tell our website and app, "hey, you remember that computer who visited last week? Well, it’s back!" That cookie information helps us understand traffic patterns on our website, helps us store any preferences or passwords that you’ve asked us to store, and helps us understand how well our advertising is going.

How we use cookies

We use cookies for a number of things across the Craftybase website and Craftybase, including:

What the cookie is used for More Details What type of cookie?
Logging you into Craftybase To log you into Craftybase, we need to store a temporary cookie. This cookie will be automatically deleted after 20-minutes of inactivity, or after you log out. First-Party
Auto-logging you into Craftybase By checking "Remember Me" you choose to store a permanent cookie that allows you to access Craftybase without logging in each time. Be careful when you use this option, and only check this when you’re confident that your computer is secure. First-Party
Recognising you as a return visitor Using analytics software and a cookie, we can tell that you’ve visited Craftybase before, which helps us understand what parts of the site you’re coming back to see. First-Party
Monitoring website traffic and video traffic. We want to know which parts of our site are popular, so we use a cookie to analyse traffic as it moves around the Craftybase website. First-Party and Third-Party (including Google)
Reminding you of Craftybase elsewhere Many third parties such as weblogs, newspapers, search engines and other sites online will use a cookie to check if you’ve visited Craftybase lately, as part of a service that we use. If you have visited us, the third party will show you an advertising message on their website with Craftybase’s latest big news. Third-Party (including Google)
Understanding how people found us We want to know how Craftybase caught your eye, so we use a cookie to understand how you found Craftybase when you visit. First-Party.
Customizing Craftybase to you While you use Craftybase to do your books and inventory, we set a number of cookies that customize the Craftybase experience for you - for example, when you choose to show 50 projects per page, we’ll set a cookie to reflect that. First-Party

Note: A first-party cookie is created by Craftybase, and a third-party cookie is created by one of Craftybase’s suppliers or partners.

Personal information and cookies:

The only personal information a cookie can contain is information that you supply yourself -- a cookie cannot read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. Your privacy and security are not compromised when you accept a cookie from the Craftybase website or Craftybase. You may set up your computer to reject cookies by following the relevant instructions in the "managing your cookies" section. If you switch off cookies, you may not be able to use parts of our website or app.

We sometimes use cookies to help personally identify you, but we do it in a secure way. Instead of storing personal data about you in a cookie, we store anonymous data on your computer, then combine that data on a secure server with any information that you’ve given us on the Craftybase website. For example, if you sign up for our newsletter on the Craftybase website, we’ll use this combined data to customise the newsletter with information that you’ll find most helpful. Further information about how we use your information is available in our Privacy Policy

You can manage your cookies using your browser.

If you want to manage or disable cookies for the Craftybase website or any other site, you can do it by changing your browser settings. Look under the "Help" menu for specific instructions for your browser, or read on for details about the most common browsers:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  1. Choose the menu "Tools" then "Internet Options"
  2. Click on the "Privacy" tab
  3. Select the setting the appropriate setting

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Choose the menu "Tools" then "Options"
  2. Click on the icon "Privacy"
  3. Find the menu "Cookie" and select the relevant options

You can find out more about cookies at

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