Manufacturing software for makers, everywhere

Craftybase manufacturing and inventory software helps power the production workflows of makers in a huge array of industries. Learn more below.

Soapmaker software

Craftybase helps soapmakers track their production, lots and batches for compliance and much more.

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Candlemaker software

Craftybase helps candlemakers track their production, lots and batches for compliance and much more.

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Bath + Body Management Software

Craftybase is a complete solution for bath and body product creators. Our batch manufacturing flows and pricing guidance ensure you are always on top of your product strategy.

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Bath + Body Management Software

Skincare product creators need robust inventory and lot tracking solutions to ensure that they are fully compliant. Learn how Craftybase can help with this.

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Food manufacturing software

Lot and batch tracking for raw materials is essential to food producers, large and small. Craftybase takes care of tracking your ingredients to make sure you can get back to making and baking.

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Woodworking inventory software

Woodworkers have different requirements to other crafts in terms of managing raw materials due to needing to track offcuts and remainders. Craftybase's robust inventory tracking system allows woodworkers to ensure that they have accurate levels on their inventory at all times.

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Coffee inventory software

Managing the purchasing and roasting of coffee beans can be difficult using simple processes like spreadsheets. Craftybase makes tracking your coffee production business easier with their smart inventory software solutions.

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Bakery management software

Management of bakery stock can be difficult due to the short shelf life of products. This is why using inventory software like Craftybase is essential.

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Cannabis (CBD) manufacturing software

CBD products are subject to stricter rules than other products, so it's worth investing in software to track your production and inventory to avoid compliance issues down the line.

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Beer brewing manufacturing software

The multi-stage process involved in brewing beer requires tracking to ensure you deliver consistent and reliable beer products to your customers.

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Electronics manufacturing software

Electronics projects have many detailed parts, which is why ensuring you have an inventory management system for them is essential.

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Apparel & Footwear manufacturing software

Tracking raw material and sub-assembly stock levels for your apparel / footwear manufacturing business is easy using Craftybase.

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