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Cost effective manufacturing software for small food based businesses.

DTC brands love Craftybase: the food manufacturing software for small business. We're designed to help you seamlessly scale your production, control your stock and increase your margins.

  • Take control of your complex production processes
  • See your real-time inventory and COGS
  • Track raw materials, components, and finished product inventory
  • Never run out of stock OR under-order supplies
  • Grow with confidence

Craftybase food manufacturing software
Unlock your profits by adopting food manufacturing software today

Track & control costs with your Bill of Materials

Create complex, multi-stepped production flows using Craftybase’s powerful Bill of Materials feature. You’ll have the flexibility you need to:

  • Automatically track material and labor costs from start to finish
  • See your real-time costs of production
  • Ensure your pricing is on point
  • Understand your true COGS (and ditch spreadsheets forever) with GAAP-compliant, accurate, ongoing cost tracking
Bill of Materials

Effortless manufacturing workflow management

Take control of complex production processes using our specialized food and beverage inventory control software. From raw materials to finished goods, and everything in between, Craftybase seamlessly manages multi-stage production processes - including components, sub-assemblies, and batch recipes. Smooth batch manufacturing from start to finish.

Stay ahead with seamless inventory control

Never miss a beat, with our sophisticated small business inventory management features. Gain real-time visibility into material and stock levels, so you’ll know exactly when to order more supplies or make more products. Access sortable, searchable lists of all your material inventory - with photos - available online, wherever you are. Keep your inventory under control so your business is free to grow.

Material inventory tracking

Traceability at your fingertips

Keep your small food manufacturing business fully compliant. Our robust purchase-to-sale GMP solution offers batch and lot tracking, supply chain traceability, and expiry date features, empowering you - even during a product recall. Access accurate information with complete confidence.

Feel confident with auditable & accurate reporting

Make informed decisions with our powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. Dive deep into manufacturing analytics, costs, margins and profitability. Identify business improvement opportunities with comprehensive COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and BOM (Bill of Materials) tracking. Harness the power of data to optimize your operations.

Reports and analytics for small manufacturing business
Experience how inventory tracking will streamline your operations and provide valuable insights so you can make confident decisions.
Get started today and fuel your small business growth.
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Craftybase connects everywhere you sell

Automate your complex food manufacturing processes and track inventory, COGS, pricing, materials, and more across all your sales channels.


Scalable Solutions

Grow without limits

As your business expands, the Craftybase inventory platform grows with you. Experience the power of an integrated MRP system specifically designed for small businesses like yours. Flexible plans to fit your industry, workflows, and preferences.

No long term contracts, no over-engineered over-priced features you'll never use. Just everything you need to unlock the full potential of your small-batch business.

Tracking expenses, materials, recipes, and orders all in one place is the reason my business was able to grow from a 'hobby' to a full-fledged enterprise.

Homero Gonzalez
Homero Gonzalez
Harmacy Hot Sauce Co.

Craftybase makes it easy to create my formulas and automatically calculates what I need to use, when to re-order, how much it costs me to make my products, and so much more. I literally could not function without it!

Willow WaxCraft

Being able to manage our inventory and accurately assess our cost of goods has allowed us to scale our business with confidence.

Jennifer Biagioni
Jennifer Biagioni
Creation Skin LLC

Craftybase frees up my time to focus more on customer engagement and driving sells. It's basically 50 spreadsheets and two employees all wrapped up into one easy to use platform.

Nathan Tanner
Nathan Tanner
Labor & Mirth

Craftybase allows us to be lean with our materials inventory so we won't have any overage of inventory. It provides a great easy-to-use analysis of COGS to help us better manage our margins.

Duke Ahrens
Duke Ahrens
Cirque Colors

We do not know what we would do without this application. Spreadsheets and confusing documents is a thing of the past now!

Aerie Lane

Tried several systems and Craftybase is the only one, that covers all our needs, including the analysis of the sales and planning for the future.

Balazs Lengyel
Balazs Lengyel

Craftybase helps me keep my sales automatically entered into my system so that I can get on with doing the fun part: the creative products I make!

Oh Crumbs Bakery

Unlock the full potential of your small food business. Join the ranks of successful manufacturing businesses and revolutionize the way you operate. Get started today with our food manufacturing software.

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Why small food manufacturers need an inventory system

Small small food manufacturers should adopt a manufacturing inventory management system as it offers a more comprehensive and efficient way to track and manage inventory. With food manufacturing software, you can automate many of the tedious tasks involved with managing your inventory so that you can focus on other important aspects of running your business. Inventory software also provides robust tracking capabilities that allow you to accurately monitor stock levels, which can help prevent lost profits due to overstocking or understocking. In addition with good inventory software you can also manage orders and customer data, as well as create reports on inventory performance so that you can take proactive steps towards optimizing your supply chain. With an optimized inventory system, small manufacturers can increase their efficiency and profitability while reducing the time and resources spent on managing their inventory.

If you're running a small business in the manufacturing or assembly industry, we have designed our software with you in mind. Craftybase can help you streamline your operations and increase production efficiency.

We know what it takes to make your small food business great. If your production processes involve managing a variety of materials, including raw ingredients, work-in-progress inventory, and finished goods, Craftybase's material management capabilities are tailored for you.

Streamline your end-to-end food manufacturing process and gain real-time visibility into your small business inventory.

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