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Compliance and lot tracking

What is Lot Tracking Software?

Lot tracking software is designed to record and track your exact batches (or "lots") of the materials you use to create your products.

In particular, if you manufacture and sell food or beauty products, it is essential for GMP and CSPC compliance to track exact manufactures and your expiry dates of all materials and products - this is where lot tracking software can really be a huge advantage. Simple stock management systems such as Quickbooks Pro unfortunately do not have the ability to track at the lot level, which means that it is important to choose specific software that can handle this level of detail.

Craftybase allows you to track all purchases with associated lot numbers and associate with your manufacture records to create a full purchase-to-sale, GMP and CPSC traceability solution for your handmade manufacturing business.

Every expense can be associated with a unique lot number, and even sub-assemblies can be traced through from manufacture to sale. Detailed reports are available that quickly show you which orders contain a specific lot batch of any material - this feature is great when organising urgent safety recalls.

All of your material usage lists ("recipes" or "Bill Of Materials") can be configured per product, and you can use these lists as templates to create records of each manufacturing batch you produce.

For more information on Product Safety Compliance for handmade sellers, download our FREE eBook. This eBook covers compliance, GMP, documentation and traceability and how to best track your material and product inventory.

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