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Struggling to decide how much to charge for your products? We have the answer.

Our powerful, intelligent pricing software features will give you the confidence to set prices for your products, giving you the profits you need to grow your business.

Pricing guidance for manufacturers MRP

Set prices confidently when you know your exact costs

While Craftybase tracks your material inventory it's also constantly calculating your exact current production costs.

By creating recipes for your products, you'll have up-to-the-minute recommended pricing available for all products available anywhere anytime.

Multiple pricing tiers can be created for each product, perfect to handle your different markups and commission structures.

Want to also keep tabs on the time you spend on your products? Craftybase allows you to log your estimated internal labor so you can factor these hidden costs into your pricing.

Include Labor Estimates

Optionally include estimates of your internal labor in your pricing guidance.

Factor in overheads

Your pricing guidance on can factor in overheads, so you can ensure you have all your costs covered.

Precise Unit Costs

Track your production costs to 4 decimal places for accurate and reliable pricing guidance.

Craftybase helped us make sure we were accounting for everything in our prices, and helped us quickly test what would happen if we changed suppliers to upgrade some of our materials.

Jeff Amrhein
Jeff Amrhein
Founder, Hand and Hide

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