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An all-in-one business management software designed for craft businesses owners. Track material and product stock, calculate COGS for Schedule C, log expenses, and keep your pricing on track.

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Schedule C Report

Schedule C Generation

Most bookkeeping software simply isn't designed for the complexities of handmade manufacturing - your costs of goods sold (COGS) needs to be much more than just a guestimated number posted to a ledger every year. Craftybase calculates accurate and traceable cost of goods sold for your orders based on your manufacture and material cost history, and compiles a Schedule C guidance report instantly with the numbers you need.

Manufactures & COGS

Your complete manufacturing history, including internal labor costs are tracked within Craftybase so that you can see a complete view of exactly how much it costs you to make your products. Each order is automatically assigned a material usage cost based on your complete inventory history - you build up your COGS tally during the year as you make and sell.

Order Cost of Goods Sold
Material and component inventory tracking

Materials & Components

Keep sortable, searchable lists of all your materials with photos - available online, whereever you are. Maintain full purchase histories and have CB auto calculate your rolling average unit prices. Create recipes for commonly used combinations of materials, with associated recommended pricing guidance and detailed profit margin calculations. Track the hidden costs of making sub-assemblies using components.

Expense Tracking

Direct and indirect expenses can be tracked in Craftybase, using as many custom categories as you like. Purchases are associated with your materials, so that accurate up-to-the-minute unit pricing is automatically calculated based on landed actual costs. Expenses can be associated with products or with orders, allowing you to see your exact profit margins for everything you sell.

Materials and expense tracking for handmade
Product and variation inventory tracking

Products & Orders

Products and variations are inventory tracked, with full inventory adjustment capability to handle cancellations, damage and stock loss situations. Orders and products can be imported from several popular sales channels on a daily automatic schedule, or can also be added manually. Orders provide detailed profit breakdowns that include your material costs and incurred expenses.


Our reports include traditional, bookkeeper-friendly reports, along with a huge range of reports specific to handmade manufacturing that provide you with both nitty gritty and high level details you need to be on top of your business. Our instant profitability guidance feature allows you to see a full breakdown on any of your products or orders.

Reports and analytics for handmade business

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