Production central for small-batch manufacturers who want big-time growth.

DTC brands love Craftybase: inventory management & manufacturing workflow software designed to help you seamlessly scale production.

  • Take control of your complex production processes
  • See your real-time inventory and COGS
  • Track raw materials, components, and finished product inventory
  • Never run out of stock OR under-order supplies
  • Grow with confidence

Ready to unlock the full potential of your maker business?

Craftybase Inventory and Manufacturing

Craftybase connects everywhere you sell

Automate your complex manufacturing processes and track COGS, labor, pricing, materials, and more across all your sales channels.


Unlock growth by managing supplies & production

Get real-time visibility into material & stock levels

Craftybase gives you real-time transparency on material and finished stock levels, so you can automate your inventory, keep costs under control, and give your business room to grow.

  • Take control of your complex production processes
  • See your real-time inventory and COGS
  • Track raw materials, components, and finished product inventory
  • Never run out of stock OR under-order supplies
  • Grow with confidence
Material inventory

Being able to easily add and subtract materials from my master inventory based on daily sales is invaluable in keeping organized & proactive. Managing inventory was a painful, manual, and inaccurate process before I discovered Craftybase.

Kara's Vineyard Wedding

Customize your production processes

Schedule & forecast production needs

Take control of even the most complex creation processes. From raw materials to finished goods, and everything in between, Craftybase seamlessly manages multi-stage production processes — including components, sub-assemblies, and batch recipes.

  • Forecast your production needs, restocks, and reorders
  • Get detailed profit margin calculations for commonly used combinations of materials
  • Track the hidden costs of making sub-assemblies or components

Keep your business healthy

Track & control costs with your Bill of Materials

Create complex, multi-stepped production flows using Craftybase’s powerful Bill of Materials feature. You’ll have the flexibility you need to:

  • Automatically track material and labor costs from start to finish
  • See your real-time costs of production
  • Ensure your pricing is on point
  • Understand your true COGS (and ditch spreadsheets forever) with GAAP-compliant, accurate, ongoing cost tracking
Bill of Materials

Having a business that manufactures products with countless raw materials, Craftybase keeps us organized and helps us have a clear picture of the health of our business.

Bri Ussery
Bri Ussery
The Good Hippie

What does Craftybase do that my current system can't?

Craftybase Manual tracking or spreadsheets
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

automatically updated as you buy materials and sell products.

Lot to sale tracking

record and keep tabs on your entire production process.

Powerful reporting

providing you the numbers you need for production AND end of year tax.

Searchable, sortable inventory lists

with full purchase histories and real-time inventory availability calculations.

Pricing guidance

based on COGS, labor, overheads and more.

Product & materials

lot and batch tracking for full compliance & traceability

Stocktaking & consignment features

allows you to know exactly where your stock is at

Scalable Solutions

Who's Craftybase for?

No shade to lifestyle businesses — we love a good farmer’s market or art fair as much as anyone.
But you’re here to build your empire.

So if you know small-scale manufacturing doesn’t have to mean small-scale revenue…

If you want to bring in $10M/year or more, or open brick-and-mortar stores…

And if you want streamlined production that supports your big ambitions without sacrificing the quality of your products…

Craftybase is built for your success. When it’s time to scale, use the MRP that scales with you.

Loved by the world’s most successful small-scale makers, including…

Bambu Earth
Cirque Colors
Euphoric Herbals
Ash Hilton

“Tracking expenses, materials, recipes, and orders all in one place is the reason my business was able to grow from a 'hobby' to a full-fledged enterprise.”

Harmacy Hot
              Sauce Co
Homero Gonzalez
Harmacy Hot Sauce Co.

“Being able to manage our inventory and accurately assess our cost of goods has allowed us to scale our business with confidence.”

Creation Skin
Jennifer Biagioni
Creation Skin LLC Skincare

“Craftybase allows us to be lean with our materials inventory so we won't have any overage of inventory. It provides a great easy-to-use analysis of COGS to help us better manage our margins.”

Cirque Colors
Duke Ahrens
Cirque Colors Nail Polish

“Tried several systems and Craftybase is the only one, that covers all our needs, including the analysis of the sales and planning for the future.”

Balazs Lengyel

Ambitious small-batch manufacturers scale with Craftybase.