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The all-in-one inventory solution for handmade products

Feeling like you aren't as organized as you should be? Craftybase helps you manage your materials and product inventory, watch your incomings and outgoings, and keep track of your pricing. Learn more ...

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  • Import seamlessly from
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Inventory management doesn't have to be chore! Craftybase takes away the time-wasting, making it super simple to track your materials & products so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Never run out of materials again

Do I have enough to make my products today?
  • Keep sortable, searchable lists of all your materials - accessible anywhere!
  • Link purchases and vendors directly to your materials
  • Create material recipes for the products you make
  • Track your stock with QR codes

Keep track of all your expenses

How much did I spend this month?
  • Log all costs involved in producing your products
  • Associate purchases with projects and inventory items
  • Import your Etsy listing, renewal and commission fees instantly
  • Filter by date and view graphically to see trends

Stop undercharging for your work

How much should I sell my products for?
  • Automatically calculate your exact material costs per product
  • Keep track of your labor and time
  • Incorporate postage and other expenses
  • See your profit margins on each sale made

Know how your business is performing

How much profit did I make this year?
  • Track your sales from all channels - online and offline
  • Instant profitability calculations
  • Easy to understand graphs and charts
  • Find out your busy months so you can prepare in advance
Say goodbye to battling with fiddly Excel spreadsheets - forever! Start your free trial today!