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An all-in-one business management software designed for handmade craft sellers. Ditch the spreadsheet so you can see your real-time inventory and COGS, track expenses and make more sales.

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Craftybase Inventory + Bookkeeping

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Automated Cost of Goods Sold makes tax time a breeze

Most bookkeeping software simply isn't designed for the complexities of handmade manufacturing - your costs of goods sold (COGS) needs to be much more than just a guestimated number posted to a ledger every year.

Craftybase calculates accurate, fully auditable COGS based on your manufacture and material cost history, and compiles a Schedule C Report instantly with the numbers you need.

Your complete manufacturing history, including internal labor costs are fully tracked so that you can see exactly how much it costs you to make your products.

Cost of Goods Inventory Software
Material and component inventory tracking

Know your real-time inventory

Keep sortable, fully searchable product and material lists - available online, whereever you are.

Maintain full purchase histories for everything you buy and let Craftybase do the hard work to calculate your exact current inventory value.

Create recipes for commonly used combinations of materials, with associated recommended pricing guidance and detailed profit margin calculations.

Track the hidden costs of making sub-assemblies using components. Our powerful and flexible unit of measurement tools allows you to convert purchased amounts into trackable units instantly.

Set prices confidently when you know your exact costs

Confidently set prices for your products based on your exact current costs of production.

Simply list the materials and amounts you use to produce your products and Craftybase will constantly monitor and calculate up-to-the-minute recommended pricing and your estimated profit margins, including Etsy fees and commissions.

Create pricing tiers and price points for your retail, wholesale, consignment and online sales channels and configure unique markups for each.

Pricing calculator for handmade products
Reports and analytics for handmade business

Stay on top of your business with detailed reporting

Our range of powerful reports and dashboard features provide you with both nitty gritty and high level details you need to be on top of your business.

You'll find an array of traditional, bookkeeper-friendly reports, such as Profit & Loss, Sales and Expenditure and our popular Schedule C guidance.

Along with this comes a huge range of reports and graphs specific to small batch handmade business such as COGS breakdowns, inventory valuations and manufacture activity summaries.

Our instant profitability guidance feature allows you to see a full breakdown of the costs and profit margins on all of your products or orders.

See how your business expenses affect your bottom line

All expenses can be tracked in Craftybase - use our predefined tax categories or create your own, it's up to you.

Your material inventory calculations for COGS are automatically calculated from your expense history, using your exact landed costs.

Expenses can also be optionally associated with your products and orders, allowing you to track your exact profit margins for everything you sell.

Materials and expense tracking for handmade

Makers love running their businesses with Craftybase

Ditch that spreadsheet and get your inventory organised today!

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