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Be a confident, organized wholesaler using Craftybase

The all-in-one inventory and manufacturing MRP package designed for Faire wholesale brands. Keep track of your raw material and product stock, production schedules, bill of materials, track manufacturing activity, log expenses, and calculate accurate wholesale pricing.

Craftybase Inventory + Bookkeeping

How Craftybase helps Faire sellers

Everything in one place

Your inventory, manufacturing, sales and order data are all in the one place and accessible from any internet enabled device (our industry standard backups ensure your data is extremely safe).

Daily Imports from Faire

Stop manually copying over numbers from Faire screens to spreadsheets - there is a now an easier and better way! We automatically import of all your Faire products and orders each night ready for the start of your day.

Pricing Guidance

Know exactly how much it costs to produce your Faire products - our pricing guidance feature means you'll always be on top of your margins and profits.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Track your cost of goods sold in real time using the data you enter. We'll even generate the numbers you need for your Schedule C at the touch of a button.

Reports & Charts

Keep your finger on the pulse and know how well your Faire store is doing, with our extensive and detailed reports. Charts and graphs show you your vital stats in an easy to understand way.

Low Stock Alerts

Track your exact material and product stock levels, so you know exactly when you need to order more supplies or make more product to list on Faire. Don't run out of stock ever again and keep those sales rolling in!

Craftybase helped us make sure we were accounting for everything in our prices, and helped us quickly test what would happen if we changed suppliers to upgrade some of our materials.

Jeff Amrhein
Jeff Amrhein
Founder, Hand and Hide

Frequently asked questions

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What is Craftybase?
Craftybase is a powerful inventory and manufacturing ERP application designed specifically with the needs of small manufacturers in mind. We are unique in that we track both your material and product stock levels, allowing you to keep real time tabs on your inventory levels - you'll never run low on supplies or product again. Using our powerful inventory and COGS calculations, allowing you to instantly generate accountant ready reports for tax time with confidence. With daily automatic importing from your Faire store, your battles with spreadsheets have finally come to an end! Read on below to see how we can help you take your Faire business to the next level.
What is Faire?
Faire (also known as Faire Wholesale, or Faire Wholesale Marketplace) is a leading wholesale marketplace for connecting handmade retailers and brands to independant boutiques and wholesalers. Learn more about how Craftybase connects with Faire »
I don't have a Faire store yet, can I still use Craftybase?
Absolutely! Craftybase is designed for any manufacturing business that makes their products in-house. If you sell your products via another marketplace (such as Etsy) then we are the perfect match for you too! If you'd like to learn how you can begin selling your products wholesale, we have a great rundown here: A Complete Guide to Selling your Products Wholesale.

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