The 2022 Complete Guide to Etsy Fees

A breakdown of Etsy's fees and charges so that you can interpret your next Etsy bill with ease. Updated for 2022.

Etsy can be a confusing place - it seems that every day there is a new feature, enhancement, policy change or fee increase to keep in the loop about.

Learn more about the latest Etsy changes for 2022

For fees and charges in particular, not keeping up to date with these changes can have huge impacts on your profit margins. We have created this Etsy Fee Guide to simplify the fee situation to ensure that you have the information you need to set your product prices with confidence.

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Etsy Listing Fees

Let’s start with the easy one: Listing Fees. These are fees that are directly related to your listings on Etsy - they are generated each time you list, relist and renew your listings, either manually or via the auto-renew settings.

You’ll want to think of these like advertising fees to appear on the marketplace as Etsy is essentially charging you a fee to display your product ads on their site. Due to this, listing fees need to be paid regardless of sale.

Listing Fee: Listing fees are 20c USD per listing. This provides 4 months of listing on Etsy for a single quantity of your product. When you sell your product, your listing will automatically be marked as sold and you will need to relist it if you wish to sell more of the same product via this listing. If you don’t sell your item during the 4 month window, your listing will expire and you’ll need to pay to relist once again.

Example I list one coffee mug for sale on Etsy by creating a new listing and setting my quantity available to 1. As soon as I publish my listing, I will be billed $0.20USD. I sell the coffee mug a week later. As I do not have auto-renew on for this listing, the listing will be set as “sold out”. When I renew the listing, I will be charged another $0.20USD.

If you have the auto-renew setting switched on for your listing, it will automatically be renewed at an additional cost of 20c each time a sale is made or once you hit the 4 month mark.

Listing Qty Increase Fee: A listing fee will be generated for each quantity sold of your product. This fee is charged when the additional items are sold, rather than when listed.

Here’s an example: if you list a quantity of 5 for a necklace listing you will firstly be charged 20c. Each necklace you sell after the first one will then generate an additional 20c charge, however only at the time that it sells.

Processing Fees VAT: If you are required to pay VAT for your fees, this tax will be applied to your listing fee and applied to your bill.

Auto Renewing Listings

Etsy charges fees for renewing a listing on Etsy. The charge will indicate the status of the listing before the renewal (i.e. active, sold or expired) and also if this was performed via an auto-renewal setting. The fee is exactly the same as the usual listing fee.

How does Etsy charge for Private Listings?

This is the fee charged by Etsy for creating a private listing for a customer. The fee is exactly the same as the usual listing fee, however the key difference is that this is charged only when the customer places the order (it’s usually when you list the product).

Etsy Transaction Fees

These are fees directly related to the sale of your item on Etsy - these are essentially commission payments that you make to Etsy to sell your products on their online marketplace.

As of April 2022, this fee is now 6.5%. We discuss the pros and cons of Etsy’s latest transaction hike here.

This transaction fee includes shipping and gift wrapping options you have charged the customer. It’s important to note that Pattern sales are exempt from Etsy Transaction Fees.

Percentage fees can be a pain to calculate by hand, so we have created a handy Etsy Fee Calculator (updated for 2022) to see how much you pay in Transaction Fees »

Seller Fee for Sold Item(s) / Transaction Quantity Fee: This is the fee charged by Etsy for transacting the sale of an item, excluding shipping as this is billed as a separate fee below.

Shipping Transaction Fee: This is the fee charged by Etsy for the shipping component of the order.

Processing Fees VAT: If you are required to pay VAT, this tax will be applied to your transaction fee and applied to your bill.

Shipping Labels

If you use Etsy’s Shipping Labels service to post your packages, then you’ll need to be aware that there are some additional charges to consider here also.

As a quick rundown of how Shipping Labels work: sellers in the US, Australia and Canada can purchase shipping labels for USPS, FedEx, Australia Post and Canada Post, all directly via the Etsy site. The shipping cost itself is calculated based on a couple of different factors, including the destination, weight and dimensions of the package.

Fees relating to Etsy Shipping Labels are as follows:

Shipping Label Fee: This is a fee relating to the purchase of a USPS, FedEx and Canada Post shipping label generated through Etsy. Costs are calculated based on the origin and the destination of the package being sent.

Shipping Label Insurance / Shipping Label Coverage: This is the insurance portion paid for an Etsy Shipping Label. For Canada Post, this is called “Postage Coverage” rather than insurance.

Shipping Label Adjustment: Any adjustments made to the final cost of the Etsy Shipping Label. This can happen if the weight or dimensions of the item later differ from what was originally specified when purchasing the label.

Shipping Label Adjustment Taxes: Any taxes relating to the shipping label adjustment.

Etsy Payments Fees

For each sale made via Etsy Payments (previously known as “Etsy Direct Checkout”), Etsy also charges a percentage of the total sale price and an additional flat fee per order to process the payment. This is in addition to listing and transaction fees.

The percentage and flat fee varies based on where your business is located.

Example If you are based in the US, your Direct Checkout Fees would be calculated at 3% + 0.25 USD per order. For sellers in the UK, the fee is 4% + 0.20 GBP.

Use our Etsy Fee Calculator to see how much you pay in Etsy Payment fees for your location »

Etsy Pattern Fees

Pattern is the name of the additional Etsy channel that enables you to connect a domain name to a customised view of your listings.

While it is initially free to try Pattern for 30 days, after this period if you do not cancel you will begin to be charged a subscription fee for continued access.

The first fee will be prorated, based on when in the month you signed up. For each month after this, you will be charged for the full monthly fee.

The fee for pattern is currently $15.00 USD a month, plus any additional sales tax if applicable. This fee will be converted from USD to your nominated account currency at market rate. There are currently no listing or transaction fees for selling on Pattern. Usual processing fees for Etsy Payments still apply.

Other fees relating to Etsy Pattern that you may see in your Payments account include:

Pattern Domain Name Registration Fee: If you purchased your domain name via Etsy Pattern, this is the fee charged for this service.

Pattern Subscription Fee: This is the monthly subscription fee for Etsy Pattern.

Pattern Subscription Tax: This is the taxable component of the monthly subscription fee for Etsy pattern.

Pattern WHOIS Domain Privacy Fee: The fee charged by Etsy for making personal details for your Pattern domain private on WHOIS.

Pattern Domain renewal fee: When your domain name is up for renewal, you will be billed this fee.

Gift Wrap Fee

Sellers can optionally decide to add a small fee to their order to cover the costs of gift wrapping their items. This fee also incurs a transaction fee and is billed seperately to your order transaction fee as a “Gift Wrap Fee”.

Seller Subscription Packages

As of July 2018, Etsy started to offer a range of subscription packages beginning with “Etsy Pro”. These subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis and provide the seller with additional features.

Considering joining Etsy Plus? Read our in-depth blog article here: Should you subscribe to Etsy Plus?

If you have subscribed to Etsy Plus, this charge will be billed each month. Currently, Etsy Plus is $10 USD. Depending on your location, you may also need to pay tax on this fee.

As part of the package, there are a number of discounts and credits that will appear in your payment account:

  • 15 listing credits (which will appear as $3 credit)
  • $5USD advertising listing credit

These credits expire at the end of the billing cycle and disappear from your payment account if not used.

These are the fees relating to Etsy Plus you may see in your payment account:

Etsy Plus Subscription: If you have subscribed to Etsy Plus, this charge will be billed each month. Currently, Etsy Plus is $10 per month.

Etsy Advertising Fees

These fees are when you purchase google advertising, category highlight advertising or search ads.

Promoted Listings are an Etsy service that allows you to highlight your products within Etsy for specified search terms. Much like Google Ads, Promoted Listings uses a bidding auction system developed by Etsy in-house with the highest bidder for the keyword gaining the promoted spot. Bidding is automatic and determined by the daily budget you have set, along with the quality of your listing.

Promoted Listing Fee / Seller fee for Search Ads: Promoted Listings can be purchased that highlights your products within Etsy for specified search results. This is a bidding system operated by Etsy and works in much the same way as Google Shopping Ads.

Square In Person “Quicksale” Fees: When listings are not synced from a seller’s Etsy shop inventory to Square, Etsy will charge $0.20 USD per transaction as a “Square Quicksale Fee”.

Offsite Ads

Etsy advertises your products on display ads and other types of ads across the web. That means a customer may be browsing on a blog, see your product, click through, and purchase your item. 

Offsite ads may display your products on a range of different external sites.

Instead of being charged per click for advertising, Etsy charges you when a person clicks through and purchases from your store - this works much like a regular affiliate type situation in that it is a percentage of your total sale.

As of 2022, Etsy charges 15% of the total transaction if you have sold less than $10,000 of products in the last year. This fee drops to 12% if you have earned above this. It’s important to note that this fee is charged in addition to all of the regular Etsy fees, and includes the amount you charge in shipping.

Everything you should know about Etsy offsite ads »

Sales Taxes

Due to new international laws, Etsy as a marketplace is now regulated to collect and remit taxes for several countries and US states. This means that the relevant tax will be added to your sale automatically as part of the checkout process. This tax is then directly billed to you as a tax fee so that Etsy can pass it on to the relevant authority.

Sales Tax: This is incurred when a sale you have made is required to have sales tax paid on it. This is also applied to countries such as Australia to represent GST taken on eligible Etsy orders.

VAT Tax Fee / VAT Seller Services: This is the tax calculated on any seller service you have purchased directly from Etsy, if this is applicable to your location.

Deposit currency conversion

If you list items in a currency that is different to your bank account’s currency (i.e. USD and your bank is in CAD), Etsy converts your funds from Etsy Payments to your bank’s currency on your behalf. This is applied at 2.5% over the current market rate.

Square Fees

Way back in 2018, Etsy announced a partnership with Square that allows sellers to sync their inventory to Square and thus sell their products directly via Square’s in-person card reader technology.

For any in-person sale made via a Square POS reader that has been synced to your Etsy inventory, Etsy will charge the default Transaction and Listing Fees in exactly the same way as if the sale was made directly on Etsy.

If the listings are not synced directly from your Etsy inventory, you will be charged $0.20 USD per transaction.

For both situations, Square will also charge additional payment processing fees based on their pricing schedule. More details on the breakdown between Etsy and Square can be found in the Square Fees chapter later in this book.

Etsy does not charge additional fees for items sold through Square via inventory sync. Listings synced through Square will have the same $0.20 auto-renewal fee as listings sold on Etsy.

When listings are not synced from a seller’s Etsy shop inventory, Etsy will charge $0.20 USD per transaction.

Square will charge additional processing fees that vary by the type of sale.

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