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Should You Subscribe to Etsy Plus?

Considering joining Etsy Plus? Every Etsy seller umms and ahhs over this question, so we’ve compared the pros and cons so you can make a decision once and for all.

Looking for ways to put your Etsy business ahead of the competition? If so, you’ve likely seen Etsy Plus and wondered if it’s really going to move the needle for your store.

Etsy Plus won’t rocket your shop to stardom overnight, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. To decide once and for all if Etsy Plus is right for you, keep reading, as we weigh up the pros and cons.

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What is Etsy Plus?

Etsy Plus is a subscription package you can choose on Etsy that gives you extra perks to help your store stand out and grow faster. For a $10 a month fee, you get 15 listing credits and $5 worth of ads, plus several other benefits we’ll discuss below.

What are the benefits of Etsy Plus?

With your Etsy Plus subscription, you get:

  • 15 “free” listing credits a month- you get $3 worth of free listing credits each month, which do not roll over if you don’t use them
  • $5 of Etsy Ads credit, which does not roll over if you don’t use it
  • Discount on a domain- you can buy a domain name for a discount through Etsy’s partner, Hover, which you can redirect to your Etsy shop to help you present a more professional brand when marketing. Be aware, however, that you can do this at a low cost through other domain registrars, so think of this as a bonus rather than a reason to join.
  • Restock requests- this is likely one of the best benefits for most handmakers. With restock requests, your customers sign up to receive a notification and email when you restock a listing. If you frequently sell out, this is a great way to ensure potential customers return when you restock. (It may also be a sign that you need to get a better handle on your inventory - Craftybase can help you turn things around.)
  • Custom branding- this will likely be the biggest benefit for most businesses since custom branding helps you to make your brand more recognizable. With Etsy Plus, you have more shop banner customization options (including scrolling banners) and access to a shop layout that promotes featured listings or specific shop sections.
  • Discounts on custom packaging - another discount you can get through Etsy Plus is on custom-branded delivery boxes, so you can offer your customers a branded experience. This perk is only available to sellers in North America, the EU, and the UK. If you’ve yet to find the right packaging or if it needs upgrading, this discount will be welcome.
  • 30% off printables - most Etsy sellers include business cards or leaflets in their packages to promote their brand or offer a customer a discount if they return to the store, so 30% off printed materials through Etsy’s partner Moo may prove valuable.

When is Etsy Plus not worth it?

Etsy Plus may not be worth the $10 a month if you:

  • Are brand new and are still figuring things out - if you’re on a tight budget, give it a few months while you learn how many orders you get a month on average and figure out who your ideal customer is before you add another expense. Make sure you get a handle on your pricing first - Craftybase can help here by giving you pricing suggestions and ensuring your business has a strong foundation to grow upon. (Our article 5 Etsy Pricing Hacks That Can Help You Make More Today is a great place to head next.)
  • Are only interested in gaining additional traffic to your store and have a limited number of products which means the majority of the 15 listing credits included won’t be used. Etsy Plus won’t help you climb Etsy’s search results.
  • If you only want more credits and ad credit - you’ll be paying $10 for $8 of stuff, so it’s not worth it if you’re not going to use the custom branding features or discounts.

So, should I subscribe to Etsy Plus or not?

In general, Etsy Plus is worth it - for just $10, you essentially get $8 worth of free credits and ads credit, and some benefits that can help you grow your brand and have a deeper connection with your customers. For most, the branding customization options are what get them to subscribe in the first place and keep them subscribed - the additional shop layout options alone are often worth it.

If you’re just starting out and have the money to spare, the available discounts for packaging and printed materials may be enough to swing it - why not subscribe for a month and compare the prices of Etsy’s partners with external providers?

Keep in mind your subscription to Etsy Plus only renews for 30 days at a time, so if you decide Etsy Plus is no longer worth it for you or you need to cut expenses for a month or two, there’s nothing stopping you from downgrading.

If I don’t subscribe, will I miss out?

Not really, no. If your listing’s SEO better matches a customer’s search terms, your item will appear ahead of another shop that does subscribe to Etsy Plus but hasn’t done such a good job with their SEO. It will have no effect on how much traffic goes to your listings. Learn more about how to improve your Etsy store’s SEO here »

If you plan to only sell your products on Etsy or through Etsy, then Etsy Plus will be the best way to ensure your business is branded and promote your bestselling products. However, if you want to grow beyond Etsy, those $10 may be better spent developing your own store and website elsewhere, where you’ll have full flexibility.

Not all successful sellers use Etsy Plus - it’s definitely not a prerequisite for success. Shoppers likely won’t notice if your store doesn’t have a fancy revolving banner, but they probably will notice if you do. Now we’ve explored all the pros and cons and some alternative options, you can decide once and for all if Etsy Plus is right for you and get back to doing what you do best - making!

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