Etsy Inventory Software

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Craftybase handles your inventory management (plus COGS, expenses, and taxes) so you can spend more time making — and making money

Craftybase Inventory + Bookkeeping

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Everything in one place

Finally: your sales, stock, and financial data in one safe place. Your data is accessible from any Internet-enabled device, and always securely backed up.

Daily Imports from Etsy

Stop manually copying over numbers from Etsy screens to spreadsheets! Craftybase automatically imports all your Etsy products and orders each night, so you’re ready to start your day.

Pricing Guidance

Know exactly how much it costs to make your Etsy products! Our smart Pricing Guidance feature keeps you on top of your margins and profits, even when your COGS change

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Track your cost of goods sold in real time, using the data you enter. We'll even generate the numbers you need for your Schedule C at the touch of a button.

Reports & Charts

Always know how well your Etsy store is doing with detailed, useful reports. No one likes staring at stacks of numbers — so we present your vital stats using easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Low Stock Alerts

Track your exact material and product stock levels, so you know exactly when you need to order more supplies or make more product to list on Etsy. Don't run out of stock ever again, and keep those sales rolling in!

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