Our powerful reports give you complete visibility on your entire production process so you can make better business decisions.

Reports and analytics for small manufacturing business

Stay on top of your business with detailed reporting

Traditional, bookkeeper-friendly reports to provide you with the detail you need to be on top of your business: including Profit and Loss, Expenditure & Revenue, Inventory Valuation and Schedule C (COGS).

Popular product and high revenue customer reports gives you the visibility you need to make better decisions for your business.

Instant profitability guidance feature allows you to see a full breakdown on any of your products or orders at a glance.

Schedule C Report

Our Schedule C Guidance report makes tax time a breeze.

Filter by External Source

See your cashflow by overall or by different external sources.

Date Filtering

Flexible date filtering allows you to generate reports for past years, quarters, monthly or custom date ranges.

Export as PDF, CSV

Export any report as PDF for presentation, or as CSV for further analysis in a spreadsheet.

Craftybase, overall, has helped me streamline my inventory expenses, keep consistent unit costs and allowed me to see through the Reports section, my business grow each year.

Shelby Crandell
Founder, The Soap Brewhouse

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