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5 Free Business Logo Generators for your Craft Business

Looking to create a free logo for your new craft business? We show you the top 5 sites to use.

It’s now no longer necessary to spend big dollars on a graphic designer, or become an instant wizz at graphic design (hello, MS Paint!) in order to create a logo for your craft business.

There are many great options in 2022 for sites that will generate a great looking, professional logo that represents your business - and many of these are completely free!

Why do I need a logo for my craft business?

While the task of designing and creating a logo may not seem that important compared to things like deciding on your perfect business name, discovering your target market, or choosing where you will sell your handmade products online, it is nonetheless an important step for your craft business.

So, why is a logo important? Logos and your overall brand image are there to tell the world about what your business stands for and the values you hold dear. This gives clues to potential customers about the types of products you create, and also formulates important first impressions for any future business partners or collaborators. It is a key element in any business strategy, and is particularly important for craft business due to the visual and tactile nature of the products that you sell.

Having a great logo makes your business easier to remember - humans use images to recall information much more effectively than text. One study found that people remember 80% of images, to 20% of text and only 10% of sound. If you want repeat customers and word of mouth, it pays to invest time in finding a great logo.

So, now that we know how important a logo is to your craft business, let’s take a look at 5 great online options that will get you up and running with a logo for free:

Adobe Express Logo Creator

Adobe Express Logo Creator

One of the best free logo creators out there right now is the Adobe Express Logo Creator. Adobe Express will quickly use AI technology to create a fun, eye-catching, and modern logo that will help you create brand awareness and brand cohesion for your handmade store. The resulting logos look like they took hours in Adobe Illustrator, but in fact take mere minutes. Adobe also provides free assets and images to help you customize your logo to perfection.


Canva Logo Creator

If you’re a small business owner, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Canva or already have a Canva account. Canva is a free online graphic design service that comes pre-loaded with tons of templates for you to use, customize, and tweak to your heart’s content. Canva’s functionality is surprisingly robust for a free online service, and your end product will look amazing.

Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr Logo Maker

You may think of Fiverr when it comes to contracting out talented freelancers, but they also offer an easy, free logo generator! While it is free to make and customize your logo through this platform, it will cost a small fee to download a full marketing package.


Free Logo Design

FreeLogoDesign allows you to create brand awareness with a clean, vibrant logo—for free. One of the key draws to using FreeLogoDesign.org is that you can order business cards and other marketing collateral using your business’s new logo directly from the site after you finalize it, which will definitely come in handy at your next flea market or craft fair!

Hatchful from Shopify

Hatchful from Shopify

One last option for creating a nice-quality, free logo in seconds is Hatchful, a Shopify logo generator. Hatchful’s design studio is loaded with tons of templates to help you start creating your new brand logo. Plus, the platform offers free social media assets, so you can achieve brand cohesion across all platforms.

As a handmade craft goods seller, you know that your brand is important. However, creating a logo isn’t always top of mind when you’re busy filling orders. Use one of these free logo generators to up your marketing game in a matter of minutes!

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