How To Sell Masks On Etsy

If you are a handmade mask designer, Etsy provides the perfect platform for selling your products. But getting your products out to the market requires more effort than design and marketing.

You’ve finally done it; you’ve made your first batch of face covers. And why not? Fabric facemasks are currently in high demand even though they are not a substitute for medical-grade supplies.

Now how do you start selling them? If you are a handmade mask designer, Etsy provides the perfect platform for selling your products. But getting your products out to the market requires more effort than design and marketing.

You need to be strategic about how you present your supplies if you want to sell. These tips will help you shift your inventory on Etsy. But before we start, let’s look at some of their rules and policies.

Please Note

Etsy is big on transparency and honesty. Therefore, before you list your products, ensure that you go through their Prohibited Items Policy. It will guide you on the correct statements to use when describing your products, like not entirely mentioning coronavirus treatment.

Some of the claims prohibited include: ● Mentioning that your face covers are medical grade. ● Noting that you have CDC or FDA compliance. ● Comparing your masks to N95. ● Making any claims, true or not, that your covers can prevent diseases.

One other policy to look out for on Etsy is the Handmade Policy which prohibits you from selling items you have not designed or made with your hands. Never sell commercial products on Etsy.

Lack of following these policies would lead to suspension if any shopper flagged your products. In the worst cases, Etsy will remove you from the site.

Now that you are acquainted with Etsy policies, here are the tips you should implement to sell your masks successfully.

1. List Your Items In Their Correct Category

Your goal should be to make work easier for shoppers. Please do this by placing the masks’ relevant listings in their appropriate category.

Under the Bath & Beauty > Personal Care vertical, you will find the Face & Masks Coverings and Face Mask Patterns categories. Your shoppers will appreciate getting what they want fast.

2. Highlight Helpful Product Info

Make sure you include any information that shows your product will help the buyer. Such data includes: saying whether the face cover is reversible, washable, or adjustable.

3. Include Product Listing Elements

Do not forget to include the elements that make your product stand out from the rest. These include: ● A title ● A small description of the handmade mask – its pattern, fabric, etc ● A description of how to use the product – imagine questions your shoppers would have and answer them. Use keywords in this section to help you rank higher on Etsy. Think of this as your SEO selling mark point.

4. Provide Your Shipping Info

Let your shoppers know when you are ready to ship their items and how long it will take to reach them.

5. Remember To Include Product Photos.

Add as many quality photos of the product as you can. Photos showcase the face covers’ features, making it easier for the shopper to know what they are purchasing.

6. Always Communicate

From marketing your products on social media to communicating with your shoppers, always maintain transparency. Make your processing time evident, and if you have a delayed order, communicate. Make sure your listing quantity reflects the correct number of items you have as well.


The most important thing to remember is to set achievable goals. And when it gets overwhelming, it’s okay to turn on the Vacation Mode and catch a breath. Happy selling.

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