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Improvements to your sales channel connections in Craftybase

We have a couple of small, but very useful, enhancements to your sales channel connections in Craftybase.

To kickstart the week, we have a couple of small, but handy, improvements to your Craftybase sales channel connections 🎉.

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Let’s take a look at them now:

New! Automatic Updates Setting

Switch off automatic imports for any of your sales channels - this is a new optional setting that will allow you to pause importing for certain channels for any length of time.

Craftybase automatic updates from sales channel feature

This can be useful if you’d like to temporarily freeze your stock numbers in Craftybase if you are cycle counting or stocktaking your products and materials.

New! Automatic Shipped Date Setting

This new setting is designed specifically for situations where either the sales channel doesn’t provide shipping dates, or if you are using a POS system for offline sales (such as Square or PayPal at a market).

Switching this setting on will automatically set your shipped date to be the same date as the order’s placed date, saving you lots of time in finding these orders and setting these dates manually.

Craftybase automatic shipped date change

New! Automatic Location Setting for imported orders

This change will allow you to set a location for every order that is imported from a specific sales channel. This setting is really useful for situations where you’d like to fulfil the imported order from a different location, such as warehousing solutions like Amazon FBA.

Craftybase automatic shipped date change

Hope you enjoy the new sales channel importing changes. If you need further details on how any of the above settings work, please see our newly updated help article here:

Connect a sales channel »

Feel free to get in touch with us via support if you have any questions! 💕

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