How Do I Find My Shopify Storefront Address?

How you can locate your Shopify storefront URL, and then how to connect to Craftybase to import your sales automatically and finally get control of your inventory woes.

Opening a Shopify store can be a huge step toward success for your handmade business, but it certainly comes with a learning curve! Shopify is easy to use, but not always easy to perfect.

Our Craftybase users often decide to invest in a branded Shopify store once they’ve seen success using Craftybase to reach maximum profitability on other marketplaces like Etsy, and want to see a little more of that success in their own pocket. (Find out more about how Craftybase assists with pricing here.)

To take advantage of Craftybase’s best features, it’s well worth connecting your Shopify store with Craftybase, so all your data is automatically imported for you. (Click here for a full guide to connecting Shopify with Craftybase.) For that, you’ll need your Shopify storefront address.

How do I find my Shopify storefront address?

Your Shopify storefront address is the name of your store, followed by This is the default address Shopify provides you with when you first open your store and can be replaced by connecting a domain name in the future.

So, for example, if you named your Shopify store Big Picture Clothing, your Shopify name would likely look like this:

You should be able to see it in the website address bar when you’re viewing your dashboard on Shopify.

Alternatively, you can find (and change) your Shopify storefront address by going to your settings, which we’ll explain below.

How do I change my Shopify storefront address?

If you want to change the name of your Shopify store, you can do it in your settings.

Go to the General Settings page, find the store details section, and you’ll see your current store name in the box under “Store name”.

(Not sure what to name your handmade store? Check our our list of automatic store name generators here.)

Do I need a custom domain name?

We recommend you do, yes. Having a custom domain name (such as allows you to brand your business, and will help you look more professional. Remember that you need to build trust with your potential customers and while Shopify is a big name, not all consumers know what it is.

The good news is you can pick up a custom domain name for just a few dollars, and they usually only cost around $13 a year to maintain from year 2 on - up to $20 a year with additional identity protection.

Do I still need my Shopify storefront address to connect with Craftybase if I have a custom domain?

Yes, you still need that original Shopify storefront address to connect with Craftybase, even once you connect a custom domain name. That means you can change your domain name at any time, without needing to update your Craftybase settings. You’ll only need to update the Shopify storefront address on Craftybase if you edit your Shopify storefront address, which isn’t usually necessary once you have a custom domain.

Craftybase also integrates with Amazon, Etsy, Square, and Wix, so you can keep all your data in one place, no matter where you connect with your customers. To learn more about how to connect these sales channels, click here.