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Understanding your Etsy Payment Account

Not sure how the Etsy Payment Account page is calculated? Read our blog post for a complete rundown.

In October 2018, Etsy updated the way that payments for fees were made, and along with this change introduced the new Payment Account area to the Shop Manager dashboard. This new area can be quite confusing to both new and existing sellers, so this blog post is designed to step you through each section and how it is calculated.

Etsy now deducts fees and taxes automatically and instantly from the money you have earned via sales made by Etsy Payments. This was a big change from the previous payment system: payments on sales were made immediately to your nominated payment account, with Etsy fees and charges then billed on a monthly basis.

This means that you now receive a deposit into your nominated bank account for the amount after all Etsy fees and taxes have been removed. For those previously using their bank statements or Quickbooks to report and reconcile their bookkeeping, this meant that expenses were no longer broken out and instead needed to be calculated from the difference between total revenue taken and total revenue received.

Your Payment Account now shows everything in one place and for those not in the US, now in your local currency.

How do I find my Etsy Payment Account page?

This area is a little tucked away from your main dashboard areas so can be a bit tricky to find. To navigate to the payment page, click: Shop Manager > Finances > Payment Account.

Where can I find my Etsy Payment Account page?

The Payment Account is available both on the desktop version and also via the “Sell on Etsy” app, although you’ll want to be aware that the presentation and data does differ a little.

Amount Due

Once you are on the Payment Account page, you’ll see two boxes with amounts in them.

Etsy Payment Account - What is the Amount Due?

The first is your Amount Due. This is the amount that you owe to Etsy at the end of the month. In most cases due to the change in the way that payments and fees are taken, this should be zero and you’ll see the words “your sales covered your fees”. Otherwise, this amount displayed is what will be due at the end of the month.

Amount Available for Deposit

This total shows how much you are due to be paid by Etsy for the sales you have made during the month. This will only show as an amount if your sales are greater than your fees - if you have an amount available for deposit, this will be paid into your bank account based on the payment schedule you have set for your shop account.

Etsy Payment Account - What is the Amount Available for Deposit?

Keep in mind that this amount is already minus the fees you have paid Etsy to list and process the sales and will be what is actually deposited into your bank account.

Current Balance

A little further down the screen in the Recent Activities area will also show you your current balance.


Your Current balance is all funds in your account, including funds from today’s sales which won’t become available for deposit until they have cleared (which is usually 24 hours).

Using a simple example from a bank account to visualise the difference between your Current balance and Amount Available figures (as they can be confusing!): let’s say you have $100 in your bank account and you deposit a check for $200. As checks often take up to a week to clear, your bank account current balance will show as $300, however your available balance will still be $100. In other words, until the check clears you will only be able to spend $100 from your bank account.

Recent Activities

Delving into the recent activities area now, you’ll see that this box shows all transactions, deposits and refunds / adjustments for the current month, with the Current Balance area at the top showing your running total.

The total amount, fees & taxes and balance can all be seen in this view.

A quick rundown of the columns are as follows:

Amount: The total revenue for the sale (as paid by the customer).

Fees & Taxes: The amount Etsy has removed from the sale to cover fees and taxes.

Net: The revenue after fees and taxes have been removed.

Balance: The running total of your Etsy payment account balance after the transaction.

How do I see the full deposit history for my Payment Account?

Etsy does not provide a page where you can see all deposits made over time, however this data is available to download elsewhere. To download your deposit history click: Shop Manager > Settings > Options.

From here, select the tab called “Download Data”.

Shop Manager Download Shop Data

In the Orders box, change the dropdown to Etsy Payments Deposits. This will generate a CSV file that will list out the bank deposits made by Etsy to you (this file is openable in any spreadsheet program).

How to download your history of Etsy Payments Deposits

Want to learn more about Etsy Fees?

Etsy’s fees are complex and can be difficult to understand for both new and existing sellers. This free eBook guide is designed to walk you through the various ways that Etsy calculates the fees and charges to sell on its popular handmade platform.

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