Paper and Spark Alternative for Etsy Sellers

Craftybase is a Paper and Spark alternative designed specifically for Etsy handmade sellers. Here's why you should consider us first before messing with yet another time intensive spreadsheet program…

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Why Paper and Spark Spreadsheets may not be the best option for your Etsy store…

The Paper and Spark Etsy Seller Spreadsheet can be a great starting point for extremely small scale handmade crafters starting out on Etsy, however it's unfortunately not a solution that will help you grow and take your business to the next level. Spreadsheets can quickly get out of control and difficult to maintain - as you start to gain sales and expand your manufacturing, you'll eventually need to upgrade to something more robust which will mean lots of work backdating data and learning new systems: all at a time when your business needs you fully on board.

Craftybase has been working with thousands of Etsy sellers just like you over the last 9 years creating and refining the perfect set of features that handmade sellers need in a fully automated inventory system. For one thing, we focus hugely on inventory tracking: this is one of the most important things a small manufacturing business needs to be on top of and is often the most neglected and poorly managed. Whilst simple excel spreadsheets can be helpful to see your incomings and outgoings and guestimate your stock values based on rough averages, it's not so useful at tax time for a handmade business when you need accuracy.

Craftybase contains all of the features you need in one tidy, cost effective package and features instant daily importing from several popular sales channels, including Etsy.

Craftybase Paper and Spark Etsy Seller Spreadsheet
Windows / Mac Compatible
Expense Tracking - Indirect
Product Tracking - Direct
Time Tracking
Finished Goods Tracking
Vendor and Customer Lists
Material Inventory Tracking
Business Reports
Tax Worksheets inc. Schedule C
Automatic Importing from Etsy
Inventory Valuations & COGS
Pricing Guidance
Consignment Tracking
Bill of Materials (BoM)
Compliance & Lot Tracking
Multiple User Accounts
Free trial
Unlimited Support
Grows with your business
Features correct as of July 2019

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