Craft Seller Free eBooks

Download our free eBooks about handmade inventory, taxes and more.

Inventory for Handmade Success

Why keeping on top of your materials, expenses and orders is essential to the success of your handmade business.

Complete Guide to Etsy Fees

Learn how Etsy calculates your fees so you can interpret and anticipate your next bill with ease.

Tax Playbook for Handmade Sellers

Overwhelmed at the thought of getting your record keeping in order for tax time? This eBook will guide you through the steps you need to take.

Consignment for Handmade Sellers

In our detailed introductory guide we'll show you how you can create a successful consignment strategy for your handmade business.

Pricing Strategies for Handmade Success

Learn the secrets of pricing your handmade products for maximum sales and profit!

Stocktaking Strategies for Handmade Success

In this eBook, we show you why having a consistent stocktaking strategy is an essential part of your handmade business.

Getting Started with Craftybase

Overwhelmed about how to begin with Craftybase? This eBook will lead you through the basic concepts and how everything fits together.

Quickstart Guide

This eBook guides you through how to decide on your Craftybase backdating strategy and get your data in place.

Product Safety Compliance for Handmade Sellers

Not sure what steps you need to take to make sure your products are compliant with regulations? This eBook will guide you through the steps you need to take.

Schedule C Guide for Handmade Sellers

The Schedule C form can be pretty intimidating. Our eBook covers each section, line by line so you can complete this filing with ease.

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