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Etsy Shop Manager order workflow changes

Some changes to be aware of with the Etsy Shop Manager.

Reports from the Etsy forums indicate that Etsy is now starting to roll out some order workflow changes in the Shop Manager interface to the wider seller community.

The changes allow sellers to:

  • Organise and manage orders using statuses and workflows
  • Update and complete multiple orders at once
  • Message customers without leaving the orders page

Etsy Order Workflow

The new workflow steps allow sellers to create their own progress steps and thus map real-life workflow to indicate where the order is currently at. Customers will not be able to see these - they are for your reference only.

When you have created your workflow steps, you can then move your orders through your different, customized progress steps until they are completed.

All open orders start at the New default progress step, and from here you can then update the status as your order meets the requirements of each of your workflow steps.

Examples of progress steps that you might like to investigate using are:

  • In progress
  • Waiting for response
  • Awaiting materials
  • Ready to ship
  • Packing

Your open orders will automatically start out in the “New” progress step, and then you can update the status of your orders in your personal workflow by moving them from “New” to “In progress,” and any other customized progress steps until they’ve reached the final default step of “Complete”.

Improved sorting and filtering

Sorting and filtering on your Etsy orders page has also been improved: you can now sort orders by their “ship by” date, order date or destination. For any completed orders, you can also now filter by delivery status.

Bulk order management features

Etsy has also added a few bulk order management features, such as updating the progress of multiple orders at once, and also a handy way of purchasing Shipping Labels for multiple orders at once.

Most sellers are reporting seeing these changes being rolled out over the last week so you should see this soon if you haven’t gotten the update yet.

Tip: If you’d like to see the changes immediately, you can opt into the New Orders & Shipping prototype team here.

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Written by Nicole Pascoe

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