You didn’t start your maker business so you could do inventory all the time.

That’s why we built Craftybase: the all-in-one inventory management and manufacturing workflow software designed especially for in-house makers.

  • See your real-time inventory and COGS
  • Track both raw material and finished product inventory
  • Never run out of stock, or under order again
  • Take control of your complex production processes
  • Price your products with confidence

Ready to unlock the full potential of your maker business?

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Craftybase Inventory + Bookkeeping

Imagine having accurate, up-to-date inventory & materials everywhere you sell

Craftybase integrates seamlessly with all of your storefronts, so all the numbers you need can be found in a single spot.


Thoughtfully built by makers, for makers

Over the last 10 years, we’ve built Craftybase entirely from the feedback of thousands of different in-house manufacturers like you, all around the world. Whether you create by batch, made-to-order, or OOAK… you can handle it all inside your easy-to-use Craftybase dashboard:

Craftybase Inventory + Bookkeeping

When you know the exact cost of each item, you can…

Set & adjust prices with confidence

"I love making complicated spreadsheets" -- No one ever

Instead of spending hours fiddling with Excel or Google Sheets (and never quite getting it right 🙄), simply list the materials and amounts that go into each of your products in Craftybase.

Craftybase will constantly monitor and calculate up-to-the-minute recommended pricing and your estimated profit margins — including Etsy fees and commissions!

Plus, you can:

  • Create pricing tiers
  • Set different price points for retail, wholesale, consignment and online sales channels
  • Configure unique markups for each tier and channel

With Craftybase, you can ditch the spreadsheets and confidently set prices for your products, knowing your bottom line is safe and predictable.

Craftybase helped us make sure we were accounting for everything in our prices, and helped us quickly test what would happen if we changed suppliers to upgrade some of our materials.

Jeff Amrhein
Jeff Amrhein
Founder, Hand and Hide

With Automated Cost of Goods Sold tracking, you can…

Breeze through tax time

Most MRP software simply isn't designed for the complexities of small batch manufacturing. Either it’s too simple, or way too complicated (looking at you, Quickbooks Manufacturing!).

Not knowing your costs of goods sold (COGS) is incredibly stressful. You need accurate numbers — but you don’t have time to constantly update them yourself. So you end up guesstimating… which means you occasionally run out of materials OR overspend on supplies you don’t need.

Instead, let Craftybase:

  • Calculate accurate, fully auditable COGS based on your manufacture and material cost history
  • Instantly compile reports with the numbers you need — take that, IRS!
  • Track internal labor costs, because yes, your labor matters

Now you can track your complete manufacturing history, see exactly how much it costs you to make your products, and adjust based on real, reliable data.

Cost of Goods Inventory Software

Having a business that manufactures products with countless raw materials, Craftybase keeps us organized and helps us have a clear picture of the health of our business.

Bri Ussery
Bri Ussery
Founder, The Good Hippie

Log expenses, track time spent, and…

Discover opportunities to grow your bottom line

Track any and all expenses in Craftybase, and choose to automatically associate them with products and orders.

You can use our predefined tax categories, or create your own. It's up to you!

Craftybase automatically tallies your material inventory calculations for COGS from your expense history, using your exact landed costs.

This means you’ll

  • Understand which of your products are the most (and least) profitable
  • Uncover ways to add, adjust, or bundle products to increase your bottom line
  • Take action around high-expense areas of your business

Being able to categorize expenses and see where each project is costing me has helped me to understand my business and pinpoint areas of high value or expense.

Kitty Waters
Founder, Oh Crumbs Bakery

With real-time inventory and material lists, you’ll…

Never run out of stock or over-order

All of your product and material lists are sortable and fully searchable online, wherever you are.

Maintain full purchase histories for everything you buy, and let Craftybase do the boring-but-necessary work of calculating your exact current inventory value.

You can also:

  • Create recipes for commonly used combinations of materials — and associate recommended pricing guidance and detailed profit margin calculations
  • Track the hidden costs of making sub-assemblies using components — Our powerful and flexible unit-of-measurement tools allow you to convert purchased amounts into trackable units instantly
  • Save shelf and storage space by keeping the right amount of supplies on hand
Material and component inventory tracking

Craftybase, overall, has helped me streamline my inventory expenses, keep consistent unit costs and allowed me to see through the Reports section, my business grow each year.

Shelby Crandell
Owner, The Soap Brewhouse

Save yourself hours of time & tedium with…

Reports so useful, you’ll become your own best bookkeeper

Whether you’re looking for high-level insights to help you plan for the long term, or nitty-gritty details to plan for next week, Craftybase serves up the easily customizable reports you need.

Along with traditional, bookkeeper-friendly reports, including:

  • Profit & Loss reports by week, month, quarter, and year
  • Sales and Expenditures reports
  • Our popular Schedule C guidance

You’ll also find a huge range of reports and graphs specific to small-batch manufacturing businesses — like COGS breakdowns, inventory valuations and manufacture activity summaries.

What does Craftybase do that my current system can't?

Craftybase Expensive MRP Software Manual tracking or spreadsheets
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

automatically updated as you buy materials and sell products.

Expense tracking

linked to your COGS and including your own labor.

Powerful reporting

including traditional bookkeeper reports AND reports like "High Revenue Customers" and "Most Popular Products".

Searchable, sortable inventory lists

with full purchase histories and product/material levels updated across ALL your sales channels in real-time.

Pricing guidance

based on COGS, labor, and expenses.

Product & materials

compliance & traceability

Stocktaking & consignment features

built expressly to keep you on top of inventory

Loved by the world’s most successful makers, including…

Bambu Earth
Cirque Colors
Euphoric Herbals
Ash Hilton

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