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Etsy improves order personalization options

Personalization is here for Etsy - we discuss how this new feature works.

Following on from their recent beta test, Etsy has announced a new feature to allow customers to detail their personalisation requirements. This feature is now available to all sellers worldwide.

This enhancement can be switched on per listing and provides an extra field on your listing page in which the customer can type their requests for personalisation. Sellers also have the ability to set their own message that accompanies this field to guide the customer.

An example of this new personalisation area on a listing is here: Example of a personalisation field for an Etsy listing

To turn on this option in your Etsy shop, navigate to your Listings Manager and select the listing you would like to allow personalisation for. On this page, under the Personalisation section you’ll find a toggle option that you can switch on.

New Etsy personalisation options

The information that the customer completes in this field will be added to your order receipt and also will be displayed on your order page inside Shop Manager.

An important note is that once the personalisation option is switched on, customers are required to complete this field to progress with adding the item to their cart.

Something to also consider is that personalisation is not yet available across all devices, so until this feature is completely rolled out you’ll see a message on orders to indicate that the personalisation option was not available to the customer via the device that they used.

Etsy advises for products that are highly customisable, custom orders are still the recommended option.

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