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How to Connect Etsy to Wix in 10 Easy Steps

Connecting Etsy to Wix is a quick and easy way to start developing a better relationship with your customers. Follow our 10 easy steps to connect them now.

Etsy has grown from a niche website to buy quirky goods to the place to buy from independent handmakers online. Last year, Etsy’s revenue was $3.8 billion - that’s certainly mainstream money. Today, Etsy is the first place people head to when they think about selling their handmade goods, but it certainly isn’t the only place to sell.

Once your handmade business finds success on Etsy, it’s a good idea to start diversifying your income streams by expanding to other avenues. One of the best places to sell is on your own website, and Wix is one of the best providers to use to do so.

Wix is a website hosting platform that makes it easy to create a website using its drag-and-drop website builder, and that includes the creation of a store.

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Why should I use Etsy and Wix together?

Some handmade sellers only ever have an Etsy store, to which they direct all their customers. Others start their own website and close their Etsy store as soon as they see success. But what about using them both?

Any business that uses a platform to find customers should have a virtual “home” of their own that they own. Why? Because it protects you from changes that are out of your control - Etsy does what it can to make both customers and sellers happy, but it also wants to turn a profit.

There’s nothing stopping Etsy from making a change that could seriously damage your business. It’s unlikely, of course, but an algorithm change could prevent your business from being seen, they could increase fees even further, or they could even be bought out by another company. You don’t need to live in fear of these changes, but you need to know that they are possible.

Of course, it shouldn’t be fear that drives you - there are many benefits to being on both, which we’ll discuss below.

What are the benefits of using Etsy and Wix?

  • Increase your business’s reach - in the same way your business is likely on more than one social media platform to reach more people, using both Etsy and Wix allows you to access a wider range of customers. There are over 89 million active buyers on Etsy. If you close your Etsy store to exclusively sell on your own store, you close off all those possible sales.
  • You can entice customers to buy direct from you - Unlike many other platforms for sellers online, Etsy doesn’t prohibit you from linking to your own store. Many Etsy store owners put a business card in their packaging when they ship with a link to their Wix website and a discount code they can use. This allows you to avoid Etsy’s fees when they buy from you again, and you can get them in the habit of going direct to you rather than through Etsy.
  • Build up your SEO on both platforms - SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing your website and product pages to appear higher on search engines. You likely already do some element of SEO now on your Etsy product pages, as you use keywords in your title and description to try to appear higher in the search results. You can do the same on your website, and start to see more organic traffic (traffic you didn’t pay for) over time.
  • You can maintain contact via a newsletter - Short of sending past customers direct messages (which they’ll probably not be all too happy about), there’s no way to build a relationship with customers on Etsy, other than when they order from you. When you direct customers to (or through) your website, you can get them to sign up for your newsletter so you can update them about what you’re doing, get feedback from them about potential products, and entice them to shop with you more.

Should I connect my Etsy account to Wix or set it up on my own?

If you want your customers to buy direct from you so you can avoid Etsy’s fees, create a store of your own (on Wix or another platform like Shopify) and link your Etsy to your store, but not vice versa.

Connecting the two will allow you to develop a relationship with your buyers while using Etsy’s checkout (a good option if you don’t want to pay the monthly fees involved with running an online store).

But, if your main aim of developing your website is monetary gain, don’t connect it as explained below.

How to Connect Your Etsy Store to Wix

To connect your Etsy store to your Wix site, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login on Wix and go to your Dashboard, if not directed
  2. Hover over Apps in the sidebar and click App Market
  3. Search for “Etsy” in the search bar at the top of the screen
  4. Click on the Etsy Shop app
  5. Click Add to Site
  6. Click the Go to Editor button on the pop-up or success page (if nothing happens, check your browser isn’t blocking it)
  7. This will create a new page for you - this is where your embedded Etsy store will be (you cannot embed it on your homepage)
  8. Click anywhere on the store so the oval Settings button pops up with blue writing (not the overall settings in the menu at the top of the page) and click it
  9. On the Main tab in the settings (which should be what you see by default) click the blue Connect Etsy button
  10. Give Wix authorization to pull your Etsy information by entering your Etsy login details on the popup or by clicking the Authorize button
  11. Done!

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