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How to fulfil Etsy orders using your Amazon FBA stock

Did you know that you can set up FBA as a warehouse to fulfil your Etsy orders? We show you how.

An interesting advantage of using Amazon FBA is that you can also use it as a secondary warehouse to fulfil your orders from your other sales channels. For example, if you are in the position where you have made a sale on Etsy, however do not have this stock physically available except currently your Amazon FBA stock, it is possible to fulfil to your Etsy customer directly from your Amazon warehouse.

Due to Amazon’s vast logistics network, this fulfillment method can actually work out cheaper for postage and handling with quicker delivery times, so using FBA as a secondary warehouse maybe worth looking into as an additional option for fulfillment.

For anyone not familiar with FBA, this stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)” and is a warehouse option that you can use to store your products in Amazon’s own fulfillment centers. For a fee, they will do the packing and the shipping for your products on your behalf.

To fulfil your Etsy order via Amazon, you’ll want to create a “merchant fulfilled order” for the products that the customer ordered on Etsy. Once Amazon ships the product, you then need to add the tracking info supplied by Amazon to the Etsy order.

To create a fulfillment order:

  1. Navigate to your Manage Inventory page
  2. Select the items you wish to send to the customer by checking them.
  3. At the top of the page, choose “Create Fulfillment Order” (or if it is just the one item you’ll be sending you can also get to this option via the item’s individual edit dropdown menu)

How to fulfil an Etsy order via Amazon FBA

When using FBA for Etsy fulfillment, you’ll want to be aware that you will be charged FBA fees and shipping for the picking and packing of your item. Amazon’s 15% commission fee however would not apply as the sale did not originate from their marketplace.

It’s also worth noting that your customer will also not be able to use their Prime membership for any free or discounted shipping rates, however your order will usually arrive in Amazon branded boxes using this option.

As there may be possible confusion from your Etsy customer about the Amazon shipped parcel, it’s always a good idea to mention the fact that you will be fulfilling from Amazon and the reasons why. As an example, “Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be sending you this order via a warehouse facility I use for storage of my products (Amazon). This is to ensure that your items get to you as soon as possible!”