Looking for an alternative to Jewelry Designer Manager?

Craftybase is a Jewelry Designer Manager alternative. Here's why you should consider switching…

Craftybase overview screen

Craftybase vs Jewelry Designer Manager

Feature * Craftybase Pro Craftybase Studio JDM Premier JDM Premier Plus
Price $15 / Month $25 / Month $169.95 $269.95
Windows / Mac Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessible from anywhere, online Yes Yes No No
Track your material inventory (parts and findings) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track your non material inventory (tools and equipment) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track vendors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calculate suggested pricing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Configurable sales channel pricings Yes Yes No No
Automatic daily Etsy importing Yes Yes No No
Automatic daily Shopify importing Yes Yes No No
Automatic daily Square importing Yes Yes No No
Automatic daily PayPal importing Yes Yes No No
Automatic daily WooCommerce importing Yes Yes No No
Perpetual stock management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage customers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload pictures of your parts and jewelry finished pieces Yes Yes Yes Yes
Print lists of your products and parts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consignment tracking No Yes No Yes
Create Bill of Material (BoM) lists for your products Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calculate average weighted unit price for all parts Yes Yes Yes Yes
International currency support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Log purchase history for materials Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stock reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spreadsheet exporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import from spreadsheet No Yes No Yes
Automatic secure offline backups Yes Yes No No
Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Support Yes Yes No No

Everything in one place

Stock levels and financial data are all in the one place and accessible from any internet enabled device (our industry standard backups ensure your data is extremely safe).

Daily Imports

Stop manually copying over numbers to spreadsheets - there is a now an easier and better way! We automatically import of all your products and orders each night ready for the start of your day.

Pricing Guidance

Know exactly how much it costs to produce your products - our pricing guidance feature means you'll always be on top of your margins and profits.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Track your cost of goods sold in real time using the data you enter. We'll even generate the numbers you need for your Schedule C at the touch of a button.

Reports & Charts

Keep your finger on the pulse and know how well your store is doing, with our extensive and detailed reports. Charts and graphs show you your vital stats in an easy to understand way.

Low Stock Alerts

Track your exact material and product stock levels, so you know exactly when you need to order more supplies or make more product. Don't run out of stock ever again and keep those sales rolling in!

See why jewelry makers love Craftybase

Craftybase has been a wonderful tool in running my business. I love that I can look at reports and know exactly what I have in inventory and also see what my total sales are.

Alicia Alicia

On a daily basis, I really appreciate the Pricing Guidance feature. I used to dread this step and now I really look forward to entering recipes and generating instantaneous prices for my items!

This app allowed me to create and implement a work flow that is imperative to the daily operation of my business.

Stephanie Stephanie

What I love to do is make distinctive, wearable jewelry - Craftybase helps ensure that I can make a profit while doing it.

Ruthie Ruthie

Being able to connect to Etsy makes the whole process so easy. And because it is a subscription, I don't have to worry about internal software being outdated or crashing.

Kelly Kelly
*Features correct as of July 2018
Organize your handmade business inventory now! Instantly know your raw material stock on hand and quickly see your manufacturing costs and profit margins.