Looking for an alternative to QuickBooks Self Employed?

Craftybase is a QuickBooks Self Employed alternative. Here's why you should consider switching…

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Why Quickbooks Self Employed may not be the best option for your Etsy store…

Quickbooks Self Employed can be a handy piece of software for small businesses, but it's just not designed with the unique needs of Etsy sellers in mind. Crafters are manufacturers, and manufacturers need a complete different set of features for their bookkeeping needs - income and expense tracking unfortunately just isn't enough.

Craftybase has been working with thousands of Etsy sellers just like you over the last 8 years creating and refining the perfect set of features that handmade sellers need in a bookkeeping system. For one thing, we focus on inventory tracking: this is one of the most important things a small manufacturing business needs to be on top of and is often the most neglected and poorly managed. Whilst simple cashflow systems like Quickbooks Self Employed can be helpful to see your incomings and outgoings, it's not so useful at tax time for a handmade business. Your Annual Schedule C filing needs detailed inventory valuation information in order to complete it accurately to satisfy IRS requirements so unless you upgrade to the more expensive and complicated Manufacturing version of their accounting package then you'll need to find another way of tracking your manufacturing and inventory costs on top of paying for Quickbooks Self Employed.

Craftybase contains all of the features you need in one tidy, cost effective package. Like Etsy QB Self-employed, we automatically import all your fees and sales and categorise them for you to make it super easy come tax time.

Feature * Craftybase Quickbooks SE
Windows / Mac Compatible Yes Yes
Invoicing Yes Yes
Expense Tracking - Indirect Yes Yes
Product Tracking - Direct Yes No
Time Tracking Yes Yes
Product Tracking Yes No
Vendor and Customer Lists Yes No
Material Inventory Tracking Yes No
Business Reports Yes Yes
Tax Worksheets inc. Schedule C Yes Yes
Importing from Etsy Yes Yes
Inventory Valuations & COGS Yes No
Pricing Guidance Yes No
Consignment Tracking Yes No
Bill of Materials (BoM) Yes No
Stocktaking Yes No
Free trial Yes Yes
Unlimited Support Yes Yes

See why our customers love Craftybase

The automatic deduction of materials during manufacturing is a HUGE time saver and a guarantee of accurate inventory that I deeply appreciate.

Sarah Bingham Sarah Bingham

Sarah Bingham

I'm impressed with the ability to track minute quantities of essential oils and other materials used in multiple products. I love the conversion from purchase to tracking units, and love the ability to make components and recipes.

Elise Wishlow Elise Wishlow

Elise Wishlow

Craftybase has given me the tools amp; resources to accurately track my materials, recipes, and inventory. I love that I can build out my recipes and make adjustments to see my cost in real time.

Tiffany Jensen Tiffany Jensen

Tiffany Jensen

My favourite feature is the software's ability to calculate the cost of our products in real-time, taking into account the increase in the costs of raw materials.

Lina Andreas Lina Andreas

Lina Andreas

Tracking expenses, materials, recipes, and orders all in one place is the reason my business was able to grow from a 'hobby' to a full-fledged enterprise.

Homero Gonzalez Homero Gonzalez

Homero Gonzalez

Being able to manage our inventory and accurately assess our cost of goods has allowed us to scale our business with confidence.

Jennifer Biagioni Jennifer Biagioni

Jennifer Biagioni

Craftybase allows us to be lean with our materials inventory so we won't have any overage of inventory. It provides a great easy-to-use analysis of COGS to help us better manage our margins.

Duke Ahrens Duke Ahrens

Duke Ahrens

Tried several systems and Craftybase is the only one, that covers all our needs, including the analysis of the sales and planning for the future.

Balazs Lengyel Balazs Lengyel

Balazs Lengyel

Craftybase makes it easy to create my formulas and automatically calculates what I need to use, when to re-order, how much it costs me to make my products, and so much more. I literally could not function without it!

Samantha Samantha


Craftybase frees up my time to focus more on customer engagement and driving sells. It's basically 50 spreadsheets and two employees all wrapped up into one easy to use platform.

Nathan Tanner Nathan Tanner

Nathan Tanner

We do not know what we would do without this application. Spreadsheets and confusing documents is a thing of the past now!

Kahne Kahne


Craftybase helps me keep my sales automatically entered into my system so that I can get on with doing the fun part: the creative products I make!

Kitty Kitty
* Features correct as of Jan 2019

Use a tool designed for handmade businesses! Instantly know your raw material stock on hand and quickly see your manufacturing costs and profit margins.