Looking for a Craftybase Coupon Code?

At Craftybase, we strongly feel that small handmade businesses have been completely overlooked and ignored for their bookkeeping and inventory needs. We set out to change this and to offer features designed specifically for small manufacturers at a price that they could afford.

To do this, we try our best to price our plans carefully and thoughtfully to ensure that we provide features that are useful to the different stages of your business. On the internet, we completely understand it's a natural reaction to try and get the best deal on any product or service. Offering discounts on top of our fair pricing plans is however unfortunately not something we cannot sustain as a business so for this reason we do not offer any Craftybase discount codes or Craftybase promo codes. We want to ensure that our customers pay for our product because they believe that we will help their business - not because they saw a cheap deal that they "could not resist" on a coupon deals site that they later regretted. We believe that this stance results in happy, long term customers that see a value in what we offer.

We hope you understand our reasons for our Craftybase coupons policy and please do reach out if you have any questions for us!