Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

Create a Craftybase trial account and you’ll have unlimited access to all of Craftybase’s features for 2 weeks. After this time, we’ll ask you to choose a plan to continue. If you decide not to subscribe at this point, no problems: your access will lapse and all data entered will be removed for you automatically.

What if I need more than 14 days to evaluate Craftybase?

No problems. We'll send out a reminder shortly before your trial is due to expire - just reply to our message and we'll be happy to add a couple of days for you.

Are there any additional set-up fees?

No, there are no set-up fees of any kind.

How do I pay after the trial?

We'll send you instructions on how to subscribe near the end of your trial. We accept all major credit and debit cards and PayPal. All prices are charged in USD.

What is an integrated sales channel?

An integrated sales channel can be used to import data automatically on a daily basis from your online shops (i.e. Etsy, Shopify, Amazon etc.). Find out if we support your sales channel ».

What is a component assembly?

A component is a way to create a new material from other raw materials. This component material can then be used in other products. The Multi-level component feature allows the creation more than one level deep of components. This means that your component can have a recipe that uses another component.

What is Lot and Bin Material Tracking?

A lot number is an identification number assigned to a particular quantity or lot of material from a single manufacturer. This can be either a code provided to you by the vendor of the material, or can be of your own creation. Lot numbers are useful for GMP and CSPC compliance as they can provide traceability between your material purchases and the products you sell. A Bin Location can be used to define the exact place where you store your material - this is useful for organising your manufacturing process and also for quick and easy stocktaking.

What are automated assemblies?

The Auto Manufacture feature allows you to automate the creation of your manufactures, based on the orders you receive. This means you can create a fully automated workflow to deduct your materials used for each sale made and thus calculate COGS.