Product Bill of Materials

Know the exact material cost of your product to maintain healthy margins and be a better and smarter handmade business.

Craftybase's powerful Bill of Materials (BoM) feature allows you to create "recipes" for each of your products, containing the exact amounts you use each time you produce a new batch. Simply apply these recipes to your manufactures and Craftybase will automatically deduct the amounts you have used from your material stock, all while calculating highly acculate COGS.

Your material lists constantly recalculate your current cost of manufacture and generate up-to-the-minute pricing guidance for each product.

Pricing guidance

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Pricing Guidance

Be confident with your product pricing

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Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Instantly calculate your COGS and inventory

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Compliance & Traceability

Full traceability of all products and materials

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Order Management

Be on top of your product stock levels and orders

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Expense Tracking

Keep track of your material and overhead expenses

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Materials & Components

Take control of your inventory

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Visibility on your production processes

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Know what stock is where

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Free yourself from huge annual counts

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Start tracking your product material costs accurately!

Know how much it costs to make each of your products exactly.

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