Better manage your inventory at your external consignment locations.

Location and consignment tracking

Easily manage your consignments

Craftybase gives you powerful tools to ensure you are completely on top of your consignment stock. Create unlimited location records, transfer stock to locations and assign sales to consignees. Utilise our location revenue and expense reporting to get a "birds eye view" of your consignment locations.

Track Consignees

Create records of each consignee, including address details and set custom price points.

Stock Management

Powerful tracking software allows you to see available stock levels at all locations.

Consignment Sales

Associate orders with consignment locations to see a complete breakdown of revenue per location.

Having a business that manufactures products with countless raw materials, Craftybase keeps us organized and helps us have a clear picture of the health of our business.

Bri Ussery
Bri Ussery
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