Shopify Manufacturing Software

Scale your business with confidence using Shopify manufacturing software

MRP and inventory software designed for Shopify sellers looking to scale. Effortlessly manage your production process, gain real-time visibility into your inventory, and unlock the full potential of your business.

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Craftybase Inventory and Manufacturing
Take your Shopify store to the next level

Effortless manufacturing workflow management

Take control of complex production processes. From COGS, raw materials to finished goods, and everything in between, Craftybase seamlessly manages multi-stage production processes - including components, sub-assemblies, and batch recipes. Smooth batch manufacturing from start to finish.

Stay ahead with seamless inventory control

Never miss a beat, with our sophisticated inventory management features. Gain real-time visibility into material and stock levels, so you’ll know exactly when to order more supplies or make more products. Access sortable, searchable lists of all your material inventory - with photos - available online, wherever you are. Keep your inventory under control so your business is free to grow.

Material inventory tracking

Traceability at your fingertips

Keep your manufacturing business fully compliant. Our robust purchase-to-sale GMP solution offers batch and lot tracking, supply chain traceability, and expiry date features, empowering you - even during a product recall. Access accurate information with complete confidence.

Data-driven insights for continuous improvement

Make informed decisions with our powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. Dive deep into manufacturing analytics, costs, margins and profitability. Identify business improvement opportunities with comprehensive COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and BOM (Bill of Materials) tracking. Harness the power of data to optimize your operations.

Reports and analytics for small manufacturing business
Experience streamlined operations, improved cost analysis, and valuable insights for strategic decision-making.
Get started today and fuel your business growth.
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Seamlessly connect sales channels, storefronts and marketplaces

Craftybase integrates with all of your storefronts, so the numbers you need can always be found in a single spot. With automated imports of products, variants, and orders, Craftybase simplifies your workflow and saves you valuable time.


Scalable Solutions

Grow without limits

As your business expands, the Craftybase platform grows with you. Experience the power of an integrated MRP system specifically designed for small businesses like yours. Flexible plans to fit your industry, workflows, and preferences.

No long term contracts, no over-engineered over-priced features you'll never use. Just everything you need to unlock the full potential of your small-batch business.

“Tracking expenses, materials, recipes, and orders all in one place is the reason my business was able to grow from a 'hobby' to a full-fledged enterprise.”

Harmacy Hot Sauce Co
Homero Gonzalez
Harmacy Hot Sauce Co.

“Being able to manage our inventory and accurately assess our cost of goods has allowed us to scale our business with confidence.”

Creation Skin
Jennifer Biagioni
Creation Skin LLC Skincare

“Craftybase allows us to be lean with our materials inventory so we won't have any overage of inventory. It provides a great easy-to-use analysis of COGS to help us better manage our margins.”

Cirque Colors
Duke Ahrens
Cirque Colors Nail Polish

“Tried several systems and Craftybase is the only one, that covers all our needs, including the analysis of the sales and planning for the future.”

Balazs Lengyel

Unlock the full potential of your small business. Join the ranks of successful manufacturing businesses and revolutionize the way you operate. Get started today.

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Shopify Manufacturing FAQ

How do I start selling my in-house manufactured products via Shopify?

Selling your in-house manufactured products via Shopify is easy. The key things to think about is your supply chain and your estimated lead times for each product you make: this is to ensure that you are meeting customer expectations. Once you have accurate inventory counts and lead times, you can add your products to Shopify. The platform also allows you to set up product variations as well as discounts or promotions for certain items. Additionally, make sure that each product has an accurate description and photos so customers know exactly what they are buying. Finally, be sure to keep your inventory levels up to date in Shopify, so customers can order items that you actually have in stock.

What is manufacturing software for Shopify?

Manufacturing software is any tool that helps you manage the production of your products in-house. It usually allows you to keep track of raw materials, inventory levels, and overall production costs, however the exact feature set can range depending on the solution you choose. This software can also help you with forecasting future demand and estimating lead times so that customers don’t have to wait too long for their orders. Additionally, some manufacturing software solutions, like Craftybase, can be seamlessly integrated with Shopify stores allowing you to keep track of your stock movements. By using manufacturing software for Shopify, you can ensure that your production process is efficient and accurate.

Streamline your end-to-end manufacturing process and gain real-time visibility using Shopify manufacturing software.

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