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The material inventory is the part I love the most about the software. Its great to see everything in one place and its easy to see what I am out of and even what I can make from what I have on hand. Kendra McCarthy - The Diaper Wars
Today, after weeks of searching for an inventory tool to manage raw materials AND build products, i finally found @craftybase. HALLELUJAH! @studio1859
It's so easy to use, the interface is clean and simple, with easy to follow instructions… I would recommend anyone wanting to take their handmade business to the next level to give this a try! Sea Shore Glass
I can’t tell you how much I love the site. I’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet to do effectively the same thing (cost per item based on a bill of materials), but this makes life so much easier! Justin Hall
I think I just fell in love with @craftybase! Love their app!! jahyahsbeauty
Since finding I have actually found myself moving from feeling like a hobbyist to owning a business of my own. Thank you Craftybase for helping make my dreams of owning my own business so much easier. Morning Tempest Studios
Love this software!!! It is exactly what I needed and have been looking for, awesome work!! Safira Designs
@craftybase - online product and material tracking. So far - this is kinda fabulous! Safira Designs
So glad I found @craftybase! Maybe I can finally move away from inventory notebooks and tubs of who-knows-what fiber! dragonflylotusd
For years i've been looking for an online 'cloud' solution to track my finished products, as well as my materials. google spreadsheets was my temporary solution, but i knew there had to be a smarter system out there. then i heard about craftybase. i've had an account now for a few months and it has been pretty amazing. A Common Thread
I love how it handles raw materials and the automated deduction from raw materials when you put all the info for a project. With a bazillion beads and findings and such, that is what is most attractive to me. Dedanya Design
Your sales, your listings, your transactions… it can all be imported without batting an eyelid. Killerstartups
One thing like is as I input each inventory/material item not only do I put the price and all that exciting info, but it lets me put the stock # that my wholesaler uses so I can easily tell EXACTLY which buckle/screw/rivit/whatnot I used from them. It keeps track very detailed and lets you set minimums for on hand so you can see as you get low. it does really detailed profit figuring too, letting you configure for each item, including shipping. BirdhouseDesigns
Say goodbye to battling with fiddly Excel spreadsheets - forever! Start your free trial today!