Create Material Recipes

Handmade bill of materials software
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  1. Configurable Batch Quantities

    If you make multiple items per batch, set this to see your total batch manufacture costs.

  2. Add Non Consumable Materials

    List equipment and other non consumables to your recipe for added detail. These materials do not get factored into your manufacture costs.

  3. Fractional Quantities

    Add quantities in fractional amounts or in whole numbers.

  4. Dynamic Stock Levels

    See instantly your current stock on hand for all materials in your recipe.

  5. Precise Unit Costs

    Track your material unit prices to 4 decimal places.

  6. Create Components

    Create components to handle sub-materials that you use across products and include them in your recipes.

  7. Include Labour

    Labour costs are factored in to your manufacture costs via the estimated time to manufacture.